Service Detail

Pharos Print Tracking

ITS uses a service called Pharos to manage and track printing in certain areas of campus, allowing departments to bill users for prints.  A user will print to a specific printer, then visit an omega terminal. Once they swipe their USD ID card or campus cash card, the print job is released and the fee is charged to their campus cash account.

Available to

Student Staff Faculty


Pay-per-print Pharos release stations


Valid USD ID Card or Campus Cash Card

How to use

Once a department decides to implement Pharos, the equipment is ordered by the ITS department and is installed by a Desktop Technician.


Pharos terminals and server are supported by ITS. Printers must be supported by the department (that includes toner and paper jam repairs).


Prints are charged $.06 per single-sided (black and white), $.08 per double-sided, $.35 per color sheet. Devices and license prices for printers will be determined when ordered.

Getting started

Contact the ITS Help Desk to learn more about how Pharos printing can help your department. You can reach the Help Desk at (619) 260-7900 or