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Directory Information (People and Organization Search)

USD offers contact or directory information on People and Organization Search, through the USD web site. Find People is a web program that allows for search capabilities on an individual's name or department. There are advanced search capabilities in Find People, as well.  Department and Organizational search capabilities are also offered through the USD web site.

Available to

Student, Staff, Faculty Staff, and public (with limitations for FERPA and off-campus access).


Within Find People, you may search for people by their first name, last name, department, email address, and/or work phone. Deparment and organizational searchs are based on the organizational unit name listed within the University Financial/HR system.



Data security restrictions

Restrictions or limitations are set for off-campus access to the directory information within Find People to prevent email address harvesting.

How to use

Directory information is located within the USD web site at: Users can make basic changes to their data by visiting


For any further assistance with USD Directory Information you may contact the help desk at 619-260-7900; or through email at