Phishing and Spam

How to report a Phishing email

Got a Phishing email? No problem!

Follow the steps below to report the email as Phishing and save these instructions for future occurrences. This will help 'train' the mail system to know these messages are phishing emails, which will help lessen these types of messages in the future. It’s simple:

  1. Open the message in your Google Mail account
  2. Next to Reply click on the drop-down arrow, or the three vertical dots
  3. Click Report Phishing in the sub-menu

Menu in Gmail for reporting phishing


  • What is Spam?
  • What should I know?
  • Report Spam


  • What is Phishing?
  • What should I know?
  • Signs You May Have Received a Phishing Email:

Phishing Awareness Videos

 Examples of Phishing emails

  •  Examples of Phishing emails