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The MyCyber Profile quiz is a fun assessment to help you find cyber security tips and practices that are relevant to your life.  You can take the assessment here to learn your profile, or browse all the profiles for cyber security tips.


Note: The MyCyber Profile is not intended to be a scientific or rigorous diagnostic - it's a casual quiz to help identify cyber security practices that are relevant for you, and should be used as such.

Your Profile

Some others might call you old-fashioned, but you know better - why fix what isn't broken?  You gravitate towards the classics, even when it may be less efficient, because there's a certain aesthetic present in yesterday's style that's missing today. 

You might be a thrift store shopper, or prefer your music on vinyl, and you might have an appreciation for classic cars and physical books (you can't smell the pages on on a Kindle!).  


Your Cyber Security Tips

For the Vintage technology user, the following Cyber Security tips may help you in your journey towards a safe cyber presence:

  • You may use social media rarely, if at all - this is great for a subtle cyber footprint!  If you do use social media, make sure to check your privacy settings regularly.

  • You might not like the changes that come with software updates, but don't put them off!  Software updates are a core tool to prevent software exploitation.  The longer you wait between updates, the more dramatic the changes will feel.

  • Unlikely classic cars or wine, computers rarely get better with age.  You don't need the newest computer on the market, but be ready to replace your laptop after 4-5 years of use.  This is normal, expected wear and tear!

  • Spending less time on a computer and with technology can make you less likely to spot red flags in websites and emails.  Use a trusted friend (or the ITS Help Desk!) to help you identify safe and unsafe items online

Your Profile

Reliable - consistent - diligent.  These are all words to describe your MyCyber profile type.  Other's might have said you don't stand out in the crowd, but you understand that you aren't measured on your ability to "stand out."  The people who focus only on standing out frequently miss what you know to be more important: results. 

You might have a high profile job, or be the responsible one in a group of friends.  You tend to be pragmatic, looking for realistic solutions to your problems and not getting caught up in the details, and you aren't usually distracted very easily, but instead are able to focus on completing the tasks at hand.   


Your Cyber Security Tips

For the Reliable technology user, the following Cyber Security tips may help you in your journey towards a safe cyber presence:

  • Your reliable nature means you probably are pretty good about updating your software - keep up the great work!

  • Technology is here to fulfill a function, but be careful not to get too out of the loop.  New technology may provide easier, more efficient ways to keep yourself safe online - or, it may introduce new risks to be aware of!

  • You probably mark all of your suspicious emails as phishing emails, but you can encourage your friends and family to do the same.  When everyone marks these emails as phishing, we protect the entire community.

  • You may use a fair amount of social media.  Make sure that you are being careful with what you post, using complex passwords for your accounts, and are verifying your privacy settings.  You may want to consider turning on 2-factor authentication as well!

Your Profile

If your profile is Suspicious, you might have checked the URL before taking this assessment (or, you may not have taken it at all!).  Your suspicion may come from a variety of places - unfamiliarity with technology, too much familiarity with technology, a natural distrust of systems, etc - but the common thread is that you want proof before you commit to any technological change. 

Those with a Suspicious MyCyber profile may keep a small social group, or if they keep a large social group, may only open up to a few.  You might do very detailed research before committing to a purchase, and you definitely have something covering the camera on your laptop. You may regularly be on the lookout for the most recent data breach, and you take your privacy very seriously.


Your Cyber Security Tips

For the Suspicious technology user, the following Cyber Security tips may help you in your journey towards a safe cyber presence:

  • When it comes to software updates, you may want to wait a day or two before installing the newest updates. "Day zero" exploits - when a hacker finds a loophole in a software update the same day it is released - are a rare, but occasional threat when updating your software.

  • If you use social media, be very careful about what you post and make sure to review your privacy settings.  You may want to consider deactivating underused accounts, or purging contacts from your friends list that you no longer wish to contact.

  • Find someone with technology expertise that you can trust (for example, the technicians at the ITS Help Desk!).  Having a reliable and trustworthy reference for IT security can help you identify when something is a real risk, and when your suspicious nature might be getting the better of you.

  • Consider activating 2-factor authentication for any and all systems that support it.  Adding a second factor to logging in - like a text message, phone call, or push notification - dramatically reduces your risk for identity theft if your password is stolen.  

Your Profile

Your MyCyber Profile is Innovator, which means you might be browsing this page on a VR headset.  Maybe you're obsessed with quantum computing and the impact it will have on encryption, or maybe you are just waiting for Skype to evolve so you can smell your mom's cooking over video chat.  In all cases, one thing is clear: you are headed for the future of technology at a sprint, not a walk.

Not all innovators are tech geniuses, although lots of them are.  You might be a programmer, building the next great app, or you might be more of an influencer, wanting to be on the cutting edge of social media.  Your pursuit of the new and different leads you down many paths - some great, some awful, but all interesting.


Your Cyber Security Tips

For the Innovative technology user, the following Cyber Security tips may help you in your journey towards a safe cyber presence:

  • Are you signing up for beta releases of software?  Signing up for beta versions of software means you get to preview new features before they are released to the public.  Just be prepared for a few bugs when things don't work normally!

  • You are probably on the hunt for the next social media platform before it's out.  Make sure to carefully review the privacy settings before signing up for Tiktok or Caffeine - newer companies may not have the same policies in place as older social media companies.

  • Consider using only randomly generated passwords for all your accounts.  It sounds a little crazy, but by using a password manager, you can set gigantic, uncrackable passwords for your accounts, and use the password manager to autofill them in your browser for convenience.  Just don't forget your master password!

  • Always make sure your devices are locked with a PIN or a password, and be careful with public charging stations at bars or restaurants!  It may be better to carry a rechargable battery, rather than plug into a strange cord.

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