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Printing & Scanning Services

Printing Services

Instructional Media Services (IMS) provides assistance to clients to develop comprehensive visual design solutions for print media, including training for the design of banners, signs, and research posters, using university approved software. These services are available to students, faculty and staff.

Large Output Printing

We have a 42” HP wide format color printer for producing posters up to 42” x 108” (PowerPoint, used for designing posters, has a maximum size of 42” x 56”).

CD/DVD Printing

We provide graphic design assistance, duplication of non-copyrite media, and printing on CD/DVDs.


Scanning Services

The Graphic Design and Printing Department of Instructional Media Services can help faculty, students, and staff scan images and documents for archival purposes or digital distribution.


IMS scanners can scan documents, photos, slides, negatives, and oversize documents.

Document Scanning

IMS has available a HP Document Scanner capable of scanning multiple page documents to pdf.

For questions, please contact Allen Wynar at extension 2271.