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Q: How do I know if I am eligible for a new computer?
A: You are eligible for a new computer if you are a permanent, benefits-based USD employee (full-time or part time) or a tenured/tenure-track professor and your current computer is at least three years old. These computers are typically leased. If you are not sure of your computer's age, please contact with the system's serial number. ITS can look up the product information for you, including purchase date.  Employees of Auxiliary, Self-Funded, and Incentive Organizations are not eligible through the replacement program. Student workers, casual workers and temps are also ineligible.

Q: Do I have to sign an agreement to receive a leased computer?
A: When filling out an application for a new leased computer, you must check off
that you agree with the Acceptance Statement for USD Leased Computers.

Acceptance Statement: I acknowledge that I will receive a leased computer from the University of San Diego through Information Technology Services (ITS). Additionally, I acknowledge that the leased computer is the property of the University of San Diego. My use of the computer will be subjected to the terms and conditions of the lease. It is my responsibility to take appropriate and reasonable steps to safeguard the computer and to maintain the computer in good condition. I agree that I will not modify the hardware of the computer in any way without the consent and assistance of an authorized representative of ITS. I also agree that I will comply with any and all ITS guidelines and procedures governing the use of the computer. If the computer is stolen or missing, I will contact USD Public Safety (619-260-7777 or to file a stolen/missing property report. If the computer is damaged, lost or stolen due to gross negligence or due to a dishonest or willful act by me, I will be responsible for replacement of the computer at my expense.

Q: What if my computer is nearly dead and I am not up for replacement at this time?
A: ITS can send a technician to your office to assess the situation. Please call the ITS Help Desk at extension 7900 to schedule an appointment, or email and a ticket will automatically be generated for you. Since all computers purchased through the replacement program have a three-year warranty, we will be able to order a replacement part for the malfunctioning system.

Q: What if my work requires options not provided in the standard computer specifications?
A: If your work requires options not specified in our standard computer configuration, then you will need to complete a detailed listing of why you need an extra capability. Space is provided on your request form for such explanations. Extra options are subject to approval from your area’s representative. If you are unsure if you require other options, notify your area technician.

Please note that you will need to provide your department's POETS code to cover any expenses not covered by the replacement program. ITS will cover the entire cost of the standard computers only.

Q: Are software requests covered through the Computer Replacement Program?
A:All systems will have an operating system, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Acrobat Reader, QuickTime, and Symantec Anti-Virus preinstalled.  Additional software is not provided through the program. Please visit ITS' Software website for information on software that is available for usage through ITS, or for guidelines on purchasing software through your department.

Q: After I complete my computer request form, how long must I wait to get my new computer?
A: After you complete your request form, several factors affect how long you might wait for your new computer to arrive to your office. You must submit your request form to your area representative, who will approve or not approve the request and any extra capabilities you request. The request form is then forwarded to ITS, and the equipment is ordered. We often times order in bulk for discounting purposes, so we get a good stack together before placing an order. Equipment normally takes one to two weeks to arrive to campus, depending on the vendor, and set up normally takes two to three weeks depending on technician workload. Turnaround time between your request and a computer arrive is normally one to two months.

Q: What if I don't know what equipment I need?
A: ITS is happy to provide consultations on what equipment best meets your work needs. In fact, we prefer that you meet with one of our technicians before placing your order so that all parties can be sure that you are receiving the best possible equipment for your job type or function. Please call the ITS Help Desk at extension 7900 to schedule an appointment.

Q: What if I need a computer but do not qualify for the replacement program?
 A limited supply of recycled computers is available.  Please fill out a recycled computer request form to receive a recycled machine.  Departments may also purchase computers with their own funds. Please fill out a request for a quote.

Q: Can I exchange equipment with a co-worker if the other system better suits my work needs? 
A: At no time is it permissible to exchange equipment with other co-workers or other departments. We inventory machines by employee name and computer serial number and exchanging equipment makes it difficult for us to locate and collect equipment when it is needed for return.

Q: How do I locate the serial number on my current computer? 
A: If the system is a DELL, then you will have a seven-digit service tag number located on the back of the computer. If you have an AMEC computer, then the serial number will be on the back of the CPU in the form of A99xxxx. HP's, Apples, Sony, and others will also normally have their serial numbers located on the back, or the base, of the computer. If you are unable to locate the serial number through a quick visual check, please contact our ITS Help Desk at extension 7900.

Q: How does ITS know the age of my current computer?
A: ITS maintains a comprehensive inventory of all computers purchased throughout the campus. It is very likely we have your computer's information, including the purchase date, in our computer inventory. If we do not, the system's serial number will allow us to find that information either online or over the phone with the system's vendor.

Q: What happens to a computer when a person leaves the university?

A: If a faculty member or employee is leaving the university (or taking a long unpaid Leave of Absence), the USD-owned desktop or laptop they have been assigned to must remain with the university. Before the faculty member or employee’s last day of work, the department should notify their area technician that the person is leaving. Any file transfers or other work can be done by the technician at that time.

Computers in general can remain in the office if the person will be replaced, since computers are assigned per position, not employee. If the position will not be filled, the computer must be turned back into ITS. In the case of faculty members, the computers (especially laptops) must be turned back into ITS, since if a new faculty member is hired, they mostly likely will have a different computer preference. There are some cases where a desktop can remain for a new faculty member, but in general, a new computer is provided for all new faculty. It is important that your area technician be contacted when a faculty member is leaving, so that proper file transfer of any personal or research files is completed beforehand.

For computers that are not part of the computer replacement program and were purchased by department or grant funds, or are recycled computers, these can remain within your offices indefinitely. However, if you wish for them to be replaced at any point with your own funds or through the recycled computer program, the old computer must be turned into ITS for proper use or disposal.