Information Technology Services

Drop Shadow


The overall inventory includes data/video projectors; minidv video camcorders, compactportable sound amplification systems, laser disk players, cassette recorders, digital audio recorders, CD players, laptop computers, digital still cameras, slide and overhead projectors and other items.  

View a detailed list below.

Computer Laptop (restricted item)

  • Dell PC
    (Windows 7, standard USD software installed, bag, AC cord, wireless enabled).
  • MAC ibook
    (standard USD software—MAC version installed, bag, AC cord, VGA adaptor, wireless enabled.

CD Player (both CD and cassette player with AC cord)

  • Single Powered Speaker with Mic
    (includes  mic, speaker, stand and required cabling)

Digital Camcorder/Mini DV

  • (includes Canon or Sony camera, bag, battery and 2-ended AC charger)

Data Projector (restricted item)

(Projector –either carted or bagged, includes VGA cable and AC cord)

Portable Screens
(6 or 9 foot, tripod or Da Lite)

Digital Audio Recorder (Windows Media)
(includes Zoom 2 or Olympus WS-210 bag, batteries, SD memory card,  stand, AC cord, USB cable)

Digital Audio Recorder (MP3)
(includes Sony ICDMX80 recorder, bag, batteries, USB cable)

Cassette Recorder
(includes handheld cassette with batteries, or, table top cassette recorder with AC cord)

Wireless Presenter
(includes Kensington presenter, bag, USB connector)

Camera Tripods
(with or without carrying bag, includes mounting plate, pan arm)

Digital Still Camera
(includes camera, bag, batteries, USB cable, internal memory and/or SD Card, depending on model)

Slide Projector
(includes projector, lens, tray, wired remote, spare bulb, carrying case)

(various models, PZM’s , wired lavaliere, handheld, wireless lavaliere-for use with  mini dv cameras etc)

Microphone Stands

Microphone Cables

USB Microphones

USB Zip Drives

USB Floppy Drives

Video Viewing Systems
(includes television monitor, vhs or dvd player, cabling, carted)

Cassette Transcription Machine
(includes transcription machine, bag, ac cord, foot pedal)

Video Editing Cables
(included in each bundle: USB, 4 pin to 6 pin firewire, 6 pin to 6 pin firewire, RCA composite)

Mono Record Player
(includes detachable speakers)

16mm Film Projector
(includes take up reel)

Overhead Transprancy Projector
(with or without cart)

Opaque Projector
(with cart)

VGA cable
(6 or 20 foot length)

Portable projector stand

(in carrying bag, includes 1 pad of paper)

Extension Cord
(25 foot)

Audio Visual cart

Portable Document Camera
(Lumens Ladibug)