Internet Access

Requirements to access the Internet from USD's Network

In order to use off-campus network resources from the University of San Diego, you must have administrative access on the computer to install key network security applications.

If your computer is owned by a business or corporation and you do not have administrative access, the following will need to be installed by the business or corporate system administrator before coming on to campus. **Users who are unable to install the following applications will not be able to connect to the Internet from USD.

Security Applications

Off-campus network requires two important security clients Safe*Connect and Secure Connect (wireless only) that must be installed on all computers to access the Internet from USD

Safe*Connect Requirements

Not to be confused with SecureConnect, Safe*Connect is a Network Access Control client used by the University of San Diego. On the computer, it is a simple client that checks several system requirements to access off-campus resources (the Internet). The requirements include the following:

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 
  • Mac OSX (10.4.x (Tiger) and newer including 10.6.x (Snow Leopard))
  • Linux

Supported Anti-Virus

  • Sophos 
  • McAfee, 45, NA 
  • TrendMicro 
  • EZ Antivirus 
  • Symantec 
  • AVG 
  • Authentium 
  • Microsoft OneCare 
  • Panda 
  • AVGuard 
  • Avast 
  • Bitdefender 
  • Kaspersky 
  • SpySweeper AV 
  • ZoneAlarm 
  • NOD32

Non-approved Applications or Software

Any P2P (peer-to-peer) software (such as LimeWire)

SecureConnect (Wireless only)

SecureConnect involves a certificate that will allow the computer to verify credentials and bypass the first blue Aruba login screen. Users who set up SecureConnect will be able to use our encrypted wireless network named ‘usdsecure’.

*This policy checks to make sure the time/date stamp on the currently loaded A/V definitions from the vendor are current to within two weeks of the computer's clock time/date.

**All on-campus network resources are available without these applications.