Podcasting is a way to deliver educational or promotional content as audio, video or text (pdf) to computers and portable devices. You must have Apple iTunes and Apple QuickTime installed on your computer to see iTunes University which can be downloaded free below.

  • Apple Podcasts: public content delivered through the Apple Podcasts store

A podcast is a series of digital media files, usually audio or video, that is downloadable via RSS feed (really simple syndication). The RSS delivery is what differentiates podcasts from direct file download or streaming. Software applications, known as 'pod catchers' (such as Apple iTunes), can automatically download new files when they are made available. 

Still a bit confusing? Visit Podcasting Terminology and FAQ sections.

iTunes University


Required Software for Itunes U

You can request access to create a public Apple Podcasts channel or private iTunesU channel by emailing ims@sandiego.edu