ITS Professional Development Requests

Before making any travel arrangements or registering for any conferences, seminars or training, you must get approval by your Senior Director and the CIO. Please fill out and submit the form here:

Travel and Professional Development Power Form

This form is set up with a workflow that will automatically notify the next approver. Once approved, you will receive an emailed copy of the form.

Please review the university's expense reimbursement policies and procedures.

The expenditure procedures form has a ton of information, but here are the main take-aways:

  • All meals and lodging receipts must be itemized.  Exception No receipt is needed if a charge is $25.00 or less
    • If a lodging receipt contains meal charges as well, please include the itemized receipts for those.
    • The University will only reimburse for meals not provided by a conference.
    • Credit card slips by themselves are not accepted.  Receipts must be itemized. 
  • For meals, we have the option of using actual expenses or the per diem method. Per diem for lodging is no longer permitted.
    • Actual expenses are considered reasonable based on the city's per diem.
    • The University will only reimburse for meals not provided by a conference. Only seek reimbursement for the per diem portion of meals not provided.
  • A conference/seminar agenda or brochure with a schedule must be attached to the expense report.
  • A business purpose is required on all expense reports.
  • When seeking mileage reimbursement for use of a personal vehicle, the amount of mileage + meals + lodging should not exceed the cost of round trip economy-class airfare.
    • You must use the university's street address as the origination.
    • You must submit a copy of Google/yahoo/MapQuest directions.
  • For flights, early bird check-in or upgraded seat options are now permitted.
  • Original receipts are required
  • Submit an expense report within 60 days of travel/expense
    • The expense report must have your signature, our supervisor's signature and the budget manager's signature.

You can find the expense report here.

On the second page of the expense report you will note a column called "expenditure type". These should be "Professional Dev Airfare", "Professional Dev Lodging", "Professional Dev Meals", etc.

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