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Students, Faculty, Advisors Student

Students, Faculty, Advisors Faculty

Service Catalog: Banner Student/Faculty Self-Service (SSB)
Provide access to students, faculty and advisors to the student administrative system

Students, parents and guest payers. Student

Students, parents and guest payers. Guest

Service Catalog: CashNET
CashNET displays bills and recent account activity, takes on-line payments for student bills by students, parents or guest payers, and provides installment plans for paying payments in five installments per semester.

Administrative offices and staff Staff

Administrative offices and staff Faculty

Service Catalog: Banner Student Administrative System (INB)
Provide access to administrative users to enter and maintain student and faculty/advisor related data.


FAQ: Why am I unable to release a Hold for a student attempting to register for the next semester/intersession?
Holds are not term specific and therefore professors should use the current semester to search for a student, then release the hold.