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Service Catalog: Discount Cell Phone and Mobile Devices

AT&T and Verizon extend special discounts to current USD employees and students for personal cellular plans and accessories.  The offerings vary from month to month.

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Service Catalog: Cell Phones for USD Business Use

The university provides cell phones from Verizon Wireless or AT&T Mobility for business purposes.

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Service Catalog: Mobile Devices (loaned for international travel)

The University has a limited number of cell phones that are loaned to staff and faculty for International travel. The phones offer international services from Verizon Wireless or AT&T Mobility for business purposes.

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Tutorial: How to set a ringtone on your cell phone

How to Install a ringtone on the Blackberry Trying to set up the Torero 'Ole ringtone?  On your computer, visit and send the link to your phone as a text (under "Other Phones")  On your phone, open the text you received and click on the link.  You will be asked to save or open the file, select ‘save’. The ‘save file’ dialog box will open to the default file path (:/mediacard/blackberry/ringtones). Please do not change the default. Check the box fo

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