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Instructions on connecting to Guest Wireless


Guest Wireless at USD is free for guests. In order to access the Guest Wireless, users will need to have a valid email address. The name of the Guest Wireless is "usdguest" - Once the "usdguest" wireless is selected and a browser page is initiated on the computer or mobile device, you will be taken to a registration page here. Once you input your email address, and agree to the terms of use and click "Register" you will then be redirected to the login page with your email address already pre-populated. Simply click "Log in" to get connected.


If you happen to lose connection to the guest wireless within your 24 hour time access, simply follow the steps above to re-register.


If you have any issues connecting to the Guest Wireless on campus, please contact the Help Desk at (619)260-7900 or email


The USD Guest Wireless Network is restricted to web browsing, checking secure email and using a VPN connection with secure protocols.