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How-to connect my iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the usdsecure wireless network


Connecting to usdsecure Tutorial for iPhone and iPod Touch



This tutorial was written to help those who have an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch that are tired of entering in their USD username and password and would like to connect to the campus wireless network automatically.


Want a printable version for later?  Click the link at the bottom for a PDF copy


Follow the steps exactly as shown below, or the process will not work.


To begin, make sure you're on the homepage of your device. Once you are there, tap the Settings button:




Note: You might have to scroll to another page if you have a lot of apps and your Settings button is organized somewhere else.


Once you tap on Settings, you will be shown a screen that looks like the one below...tap on Wi-Fi...




Next, tap on the network labeled usd. Once it connects, it will have a check mark next to it as shown below, showing that you are connected to this network...




Once you are connected, it will bring up the following screen. If this screen doesn't appear, open Safari...this should bring up the following window...




Once you are at this screen, copy the link that says Click Here!!!




To copy, tap and hold the link down until the following screen pops up, then tap on Copy.




Note: You must have at least firmware update version 3.0 or later or you will not have the ability to copy and paste. If you have an older version, we advise you to upgrade, or copy down the following link ( to be used later on in this tutorial. To learn how to upgrade your firmware, go to


Once you've copied the link, login using your MySanDiego username and password...




When you are successfully logged in, paste the link you copied earlier into the address bar in Safari. To paste, double tap the address bar and the floowing button will popup. Once the link is pasted into the address bar, click Go. If you were unable to copy the link in the previous step, type in then click Go.




Once you reach this page, tap on the link labeled usdsecure.




The following dialog will popup...tap OK.




You will be brought to a screen that will give you the option to install a new profile to your device. To proceed with the process, tap the Install button...




The following dialog will popup on your device...tap the Install Now button...




Your device will now ask you to enter in your MySanDiego username. Enter in your username and tap Next in the upper right corner...




It will now ask you to enter in your MySanDiego password. Enter in your password and tap Next located in the upper right corner once again...




Tap Done in the upper right corner to complete your new profile install.




If you get the following screen on your device with a checkmark next to usdsecure, you have successfully connected to the usdsecure Wi-Fi network.




Congratulations! That's it! You are now ready to use your iPhone/iPod Touch around campus using the usdsecure network!