Faculty Recognition: Innovation Awards

Program Objective

Each year Academic Technology Services partners with numerous faculty members on campus who are innovative, creative, inspirational, and forward-thinking educators. The Faculty Innovation Awards are designed to recognize faculty accomplishments and contributions in the areas of mobile learning and technology integration with curriculum.

Who is Eligible?

Any full-time, benefits-based faculty member can be nominated for an award. Eligible nominees will include educators who have creatively engaged students and broadened the learning experience through the use of technology in his or her curriculum. This pool will include piloters of new technologies in the classroom, pioneers in online education, exemplary Blackboard course developers, and also participants of our special initiatives:

  • Summer Innovation Institute
  • iPad Classroom Project
  • Student Technology Assistant Program


Strong candidates for nomination may be faculty members who have:

  • Adopted new teaching strategies made possible by the integration of technology (Ex: Flipping the classroom, web conferencing to facilitate group communication)
  • Found solutions to teaching challenges through the adoption of one or more specific technologies (Ex: iPad apps used in field work, audience response system used with sensitive subject matter)
  • Established program-wide enhancements after completing a successful pilot (Ex: departmental adoption of a product for standardization - ePortfolios, exam software)
  • Designed, built, and tested a course meeting Blackboard's Exemplary Course Rubric criteria, preparing it for submission to Blackboard for assessment


Call for Nominations

Eligible faculty members can be nominated by any USD community member - Deans, department chairs, colleagues, administrators, staff, or students can put forth a nomination of a qualified potential award recipient.

Nomination deadline: Friday, January 22, 2016


Selection Process

All nominations will be reviewed by an Executive Committee and recipients will be notified via email by Friday, January 29, 2016. Award recipients will be invited to receive their awards on stage at the Annual Technology Showcase event to be held on Friday, February 5, 2016.


All qualified nominees will receive a certificate from Academic Technology Services acknowledging their outstanding contribution to technology enhanced learning at USD. All qualified nominees will also receive $25 gift cards to La Gran Terraza.