Special Initiatives

The iTeam supports faculty in the adoption and implementation of new technologies. See how you can get involved with our mobile and student development initiatives.

The iPad Project investigates the pedagogical benefits of the iPad and mobile technology in instruction and student research. In the first phase iPad Faculty participants explore and discover new apps, and adapt curriculum in preparation for the second phase, the iPad Classroom Project. Complex projects may also qualify you for a Student Technology Assistant (STA) for the semester.

The Student Technology Assistant (STA) program pairs technically skilled students with faculty members to develop independent, semester-long, technology-based projects that enhance curricula at the University of San Diego. STAs have a unique opportunity to learn new technologies on the job while gaining practical work experience and supporting faculty integration of technologies.

SII will empower faculty to enhance learning and student success through the effective integration and deployment of instructional technologies. An expert panel of faculty peers, instructional designers, and educational technologists will guide faculty to: rethink current teaching methods and course elements by analyzing contemporary student needs and learning outcomes, retool course activities with technologies that enhance learning and nurture relationships in class and online, redesign courses using best practices and approaches that engage the learner, represent authentic scholarship, and maintain standards of academic integrity.