Blackboard Known Issues and Workarounds

Please review the list below for known issues in the current version of Blackboard, as well as workarounds and potential fix dates.
  • Date Management stalled (added 7/30/15)
  • Unable to add rubric to a discussion thread (added 7/30/15)
  • Item Analysis fails (added 12/18/14)
  • Guest user access reported on course evaluation reports (added 12/18/14)
  • Rubric grade is not saved (added 11/6/14)
  • Instructor unable to download documents with annotations from Crocodoc (added 11/6/14)
  • Anonymous grading shows student photograph (added 10/27/14)
  • Pearson Mastering/MyLab link redirects to Blackboard course page (added 10/23/14)
  • "Batch Already Begun" error upon logging in (added 10/10/14)
  • Chat error: User receives one or both of the following messages: "The application can not be run" or "Application blocked by deployment rule set" (added 9/23/14)
  • Blackboard Collaborate is missing content pane window (added 4/16/14)
  • Regrading a test while in progress causes future updates and regrades to have no effect if the same point total is used (added 12/20/13)
  • Students who submitted a group Assignment receive "404 Not Found" error when clicking on a feedback file from their professor (added 11/14/13)
  • YouTube strips URL out of HTML entry when students add video using the Content Editor (added 11/4/13)
  • Scroll bars missing from the Grade Center using browsers on the Mac (added 11/4/13)
  • Instructor unable to change test settings (added 11/4/13)
  • Inline grading not available for blogs (added 11/4/13)