Temporary Blackboard Shell

Every USD instructor is encouraged to develop a plan to continue course instruction in case of a university closure during an emergency, natural disaster or widespread illness. This plan will include the use of Blackboard to post course materials, create assignment submission areas, and more.

A Blackboard Temporary Emergency Shell is created for every course section at USD. Once the administration notifies ITS of a campus closure, these courses will be activated and available to faculty and students who log in with their mySanDiego credentials at Blackboard Olé.

These temporary shells are activated for emergency purposes to faculty who have not previously activated a course on Olé or who have not activated shells for current course(s).

Faculty who already have current course(s) in Blackboard will continue using those course shells.

A template has been applied to the pre-made, temporary shells. This template includes guided access to the following features:

Academic Technology Services urges you to take proactive steps by attending a Blackboard Essentials training to learn the basics of Blackboard and how to take advantage of Blackboard's powerful features well in advance of an emergency. Keep in mind that you may create and design your course and upload material and selectively make it available to your students using the Adaptive Release tool.

Blackboard Readiness Plan.

  • Creating an Announcement
  • Uploading Files
  • Discussion Board
  • Assignments
  • Tests
  • Grade Center