Blackboard for Returning Faculty

Request your new course shell

You can activate a new course by filling out the Course Request Form. Course activations can take up to three business days. You will be notified via your email address when your course(s) are available in Blackboard.

Copying your course

If you have taught a course previously, follow these steps to copy materials from an old course shell to a new one

Archiving your course

A course archive is a .zip file that contains all course materials, grades, and user interactions that took place in that course. It serves as a record, and can later be restored to a Blackboard course shell, or extracted on a Mac or PC using bFree, a free course extractor.

How to Archive Your Course.

Exporting your course

An exported course is a .zip file that you can import into a Blackboard course shell and use to teach another course.

How to Export Your Course.

Downloading your Grade Center

You can download your Grade Center into a .csv (comma-separated value) or .txt (tab-delimited text) file that you can view and modify in Excel. To download your Grade Center, go to Control Panel > Grade Center >Full Grade Center, and choose Work Offline in the upper-right hand corner of the screen, directly above student grades. Choose Download from the drop-down menu, and select the appropriate options before hitting Submit ont he next screen.

Merged course info

What is course merging?

Course merging (commonly known as cross-listing) creates a single course shell and a single Grade Center for multiple courses or multiple sections of the same course, such as when a course is listed across departments. Courses or sections will be merged into a single course shell, enabling you to manage multiple sections within one course.

Benefits of course merging

With course merging, you can post materials (syllabi, lectures, etc.) to one shell, and all your students will have access to them. You can create groups of students by section, and limit access to materials and course areas based on those groups. Once you have created groups, you can also use the Smart Views feature of the Grade Center to view grades of your students by section.

How do I get a merged course?

When filling out the course activation form, specify "Yes" when asked "Will this course be a merged course?"