Instructional Support and Training

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The Center for Design and Innovative Learning (CDIL) is expertly staffed to support faculty in the use of technology to facilitate rigorous and engaging learning experiences. Whether you are interested in using Blackboard for your first semester or you have been supporting your curriculum with a diverse set of integrated technologies, CDIL will provide you the training and support to meet your teaching needs.

On-Campus Extension: 7900

Off-Campus: 619.260.7900


Schedule a time to meet: Select an available 30-minute appointment slot on the iTeam Calendar

Drop-in Center: Barcelona 125, 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday

CDIL's Instructional Support Analysts support faculty in their use of educational technologies. You can get support from the team via phone, email or stopping by our drop-in center.
The Blackboard LMS is an online learning environment for hosting educational material and tracking students progress through the semester. You can also access training and support.
Academic Technology Services licenses and supports a wide variety of productivity and educational technologies.
The cornerstone of any technology we offer lies within training. Visit our training schedule to discover how to maximize your impact.
New faculty are encouraged to learn about and use our online resources to support their educational technology needs.
The Summer Innovation Institute delivers a unique opportunity for faculty to rethink and redesign their courses using cutting edge technology and the support of experts.
CDIL supports faculty in the adoption and implementation of new technologies. See how you can get involved with our mobile and student development initiatives.
Interested in learning more about how to implement technology into your classroom? Check out all of the things you can learn about at our Technology Showcase.