Technology Checklist

This page is a quick reference sheet to be tech ready for the upcoming semester. Give us your feedback!

☐ Buy/bring a computer (see USD's recommendations)
☐ Make sure you have internet connectivity
☐ Install software on your device
 ☐ Office 365 for Education (FREE) 
 ☐ Anti-virus software. Free options: Windows Defender / Symantec for MacOS
 ☐ Zoom 5.0 (learn more about Zoom)
 ☐ Other software as needed through Downloads page
☐ Get organized
 ☐ Backup your files (Google Drive, Google Filestream)
 ☐ Add to your browser bookmarks
  ☐ IT Status Twitter feed (know when internet and other services are down)
  ☐ My Sandiego (for password resets and 2FA settings)
  ☐Network connectivity at USD
  ☐ ITS Helpdesk Support
☐ Check your USD email with Gmail
☐ Review available Learning Tools & Resources
☐ Review important Security Information
☐ Peripherals to consider
    ☐ Headset with mic — USB or Bluetooth noise isolating or active noise canceling headphones with a boom microphone
    ☐ Webcam — your computer needs a decent processor (CPU) – Intel Core i5 or better, to run your webcam (and Zoom) well. For webcams we recommend USB models with at least 720p resolution