On-Campus Printing

Personal Printing

Wireless printing in dorm rooms is not recommended as it interferes with our wireless network. Although some printers have wireless functions, it impacts eduroam’s internet performance and speed. Students living on campus with personal printers can directly connect to computers via a USB cable. USB cables can be purchased at the USD Torero Store. If you need assistance setting up your printer, please call the ITS Help Desk at (619) 260-7900 or email us at help@sandiego.edu to set up an appointment. 

On-Campus Printing

 Wēpa is a new cloud-based, wireless printing service coming Fall 2019.

What is wēpa? Wēpa is a wireless printing service that allows students to print documents to a wēpa kiosk from their cloud account, the web, a USB drive, their smartphone or any campus or personal computer. All USD students have a wēpa account already created and tied into their USDOne account. In order to print, you must have funds in your wēpa account (recommended) or campus cash account (using USD ID card).

It is super simple to get started with wēpa. Simply visit our campus printing site for more information.