Computer Repair

Keep your technology working for you

IMPORTANT NOTE: In response to COVID-19, the ITS Help Desk is closed for all walk-ins, including computer repair, until further notice.  


ITS knows how fundamental your computer is to your academic success.  That's why the Help Desk offers free diagnosis and limited repair on all student computers, so you can focus on learning Algebra instead of malware removal.

For diagnosis or repair, visit the ITS Help Desk in University Center 117 during our business hours - we'll perform an immediate diagnosis, and if we are unable to solve the problem, we will check your device in for repair.  

Please note that there are some limitations, terms, and conditions to repairs performed by the ITS Help Desk.  For more information, please read below.  

Our Services

Service Details

  • Diagnosis Service Details
  • Data Services Details
  • General Hardware Installation Service Details
  • Hard Drive Installation Service Details
  • Malware Removal Service Details
  • Operating System Installation Service Details

Terms and Conditions

  • Customer-Provided Hardware and Software
  • Data Policies
  • Password Policies
  • Device Abandonment
  • Service Limitations
  • Device Warranties
  • Device Damage and Acts of God