Information Technology Services

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Training Classes

Student at ComputerWeb development courses are offered through the IT Training program. Classes are available for registration during the fall and spring semesters; a small number of classes are also available during the summer and intersession terms.

Please check the Web Development section of the IT Training program site for appropriate classes. Please register for courses online via the site where noted.

Please note that that classes require a 3-attendee minimum to proceed; in the event that there are 2 or fewer registrants for a class, you will receive an e-mail cancellation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Personal Web Site Development

  • Introductory Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Introductory HTML
  • Introductory MySQL
  • Introductory PERL
  • Introductory PHP

Departmental Site Development

Please note that to maintain a departmental site at the university, you will need to attend a 2-day Contribute for Departments class. No web software installations will be done without this attendance.

  • Contribute for Departments
  • Introductory HTML
  • Introductory MySQL
  • Introductory PERL
  • Introductory PHP

Complementary Classes

The web maintenance process will often also involve image creation and editing. We also offer Multimedia and Desktop Publishing classes through IT Training. For these purposes we recommend the following.

  • Introductory Adobe Flash
  • Introductory Adobe Illustrator
  • Introductory Adobe InDesign
  • Introductory Adobe Photoshop
  • Intermediate Adobe Photoshop
  • Introductory Digital Images-Scanning & Digital Camera
  • Introductory iMovie
  • Introductory Podcasting
  • Introductory USD Streaming Media Server