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Personal Websites

All USD community members can open a free USD Sites (WordPress) account or enable web space on USD’s web server.

We provide two options, one through WordPress which provides users a web-based content management system and themes to choose from. The other option is an open space on the USD web server which allows you to custom code a website from scratch.

For either option you simply need to have a valid MySanDiego username and password to begin.


Level of Difficulty: Easy - little to no coding required

USD Sites is a self-service personal or professional website system based on the WordPress platform. Use it for class websites, e-portfolios, individual or group blogs, or project or group websites. The following will be your URL:[sitename]/

We currently offer several dynamic USD-branded themes to choose from allowing you to create your website with little coding knowledge or web software needed.

Getting started: activate your account by completing the 'Register' form on the USD Sites landing page.


Level of Difficulty: Advanced – HTML and CSS coding required

To get web space through your MySanDiego account, please proceed below. The following will be your URL:[username]/

For publishing files to your personal website on, please use the listed SFTP instructions. SFTP client options include FileZilla, CyberDuck, or Fugu.

Software for creating your personal website can include Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Contribute, or a text editor; all options are self-funded and self-service.

Getting started: visit the USD account page to enable your personal website.