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Drop Shadow

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report trouble with my phone line or network connection?

Call x7500 to report the problem.

How do I request moves and changes for my office?

Work orders are submitted via e-mail to

How do I operate special features on my phone?

Please call x7500.

How do I log into the voice mail system?

Dial x6800 from on-campus phones, or from off-campus dial 619-260-6800 and follow the voice prompts.

What if I forget my password?

Call x7500. We will reset your password temporarily to "USD" ("873" on your dial pad). Then call x6800, log in with your temporary password, and follow the voice prompts to set a new password of at least 4 digits.

How do I connect to TiVo in my room?

Please download the TiVo Setup Guide to get started.