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Terms of Usage

Below is a overview of basic guidelines to follow when using Blackbaud Sphere.

Registration Form Guidelines

Registrations forms should follow basic guidelines in order to maintain consistency across all virtual accounts.

Click here to view an example registration page which follows these guidelines.

Friendly Web Address

Users have the option to create a Friendly Web Address for their registration page's URL. All URLs should follow the format:

Color and Style

Users can customize their registration page by changing the colors on the page. A standard USD color pallet should be used for all events. The following are the USD HEX values:

Header Styles

The following apply when setting up the Style:

        • Form Align Position: center
        • Form Width: 500
        • Form Border: 1
        • Field Position: 35%
        • Label Align Position: Right
        • Text Box Size: 35


In accordance with the University of San Diego's Visual Idenity guidelines, only versions of the font Arial may be used on any registration website. Arial is the default font used in Sphere, so there is no need for reformatting or HTML code to change the font. Do not use all capitalized in any part of the registration form. Do not use any font size larger than 4 or 14pt.

Complete Color and Style Guide Lines.


Images may be uploaded to Sphere and displayed as a header for registration pages. Only images which are approved by the University of San Diego may be uploaded to Sphere's server. Banner images should not exceed the dimensions of 550 (wide) x 350 (high) pixels. Images should be of high quality, and not appear grainy when viewed online. Only .jpg and .giff may be uploaded.

When uploading images, users must save their departments images to their virtual account folder only. After clicking on "Import a logo" from Step 1: Form Layout, ensure the following:

  • Select local image: Browse for the image on your computer
  • Name the image: Follow these guidelines when naming your image
    • Use your department's abbreviations and image title, for example, ITS_logo.jpg, AHLERS_banner.jpg, HSON_header.jpg, et cetera
  • Select an image folder: Ensure you upload the image to your virtual account's folder

All registration forms should include in some manner the Univeristy of San Diego logo. The University of San Diego master logo may be used as a default image and may be found under "USD Approved Logos" folder when importing a logo.

Custom Profile and Event Fields

Custom questions can be asked to registrants which are not standard and already included in Sphere. Users may create Custom Profile and Event Fields in order to obtain unique information from their registrants. Users may create Custom Profile or Event Fields in Step 4: Form Customization>Field Selection>Custom Profile or Event Fields. Click on "Add A Field" in the top left corner.

When adding a custom field, the field titled "Label" is the question to be asked on the registration form. Ensure custom fields are saved in the event's virtual account folder under "Display in Folder." "Field Record Access" should be the same as the saved folder.

Custom Banners and Colors

For any custom banners or logos which do not match the standard USD colors, the user may use a color pallet which coordinates with the custom banner. The color pallet must be readable and not distracting for the viewer.

Deactivation of Registration Pages

After an event has passed and the registration page is no longer in use, please ensure that the registration page is deactivated. This may be done in the Webinfo Checklist.

Finacial Terms


Currently, users of Sphere are not authorized to collect donations using registration websites. Please ensure that the donation collection option is turned off. This may be done in Step 3: Registration Form Options>Step 1 of 5.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

The following applies to Sphere users with online payment capabilities enabled for event registrations. 

In order to comply with applicable Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and to limit the university’s exposure to the risks associated with transmitting, processing and storing credit card data, university personnel shall not obtain or process any credit card information related to the Sphere online registration system. 

USD’s Sphere on-line payment system should be used by self-registrants only. USD personnel shall not process credit cards on behalf of registrants. No credit card data shall be transmitted from a USD computer terminal into the Sphere payment system. Registrants who cannot perform the online registration and credit card payment themselves should be invoiced and pay by check.

If you have the need to receive, or otherwise have access to credit card data please contact the office of Budget & Treasury as soon as possible so that we may help you in determining an alternative solution.

If you handle credit card data unrelated to the Sphere online payment application, you will be contacted in a separate communication with specific requirements related to your credit card environment.