2017 Technology Showcase: Changemakers for the Digital Age

Dr Jon Landis

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jon Landis, "Why Mobile Matters"

Dr. Jon Landis is the US Development Executive with Apple Inc. He is a former professor in the College of Education from Millersville University where he was the graduate coordinator of the Leadership Program and the Coordinator of the CyberSafe Institute. Jon holds his Ph.D. in Sociology, a MAsters degree in Education Leadership, and a B.S. in Chemistry. He has served as a chemistry instructor, principal, curriculum diretor, and IT Director. Dr. Landis speaks internationally on the opportunities assicated with mobile technology in educaiton.

Faculty Panel Presentations

Computing at USD

Topic High Performance Computing at USD
Speakers Imane Khalil, Jeremy Kua, Frank Jacobitz

Technology Initiatives

Topic Digital Story Mapping Using ESRI                                           
Speaker Suzanne Walther, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Mobile Technology

Topic iPad Project: Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Mobile Technology                                                 
Speakers Fabio Agnelli, Jessica Bell, Jeff Malecki & Karen Shelby

STEM Education

Topic USD, Are you ready for us?!                                                
Speakers Francis Parker Students, Robotics in STEM Education, Ryan Griggs and Students