2016 Technology Showcase: A Roadmap to Transforming the Classroom

Keynote Speaker: Chad Kainz, Principal Strategist at Blackboard, Inc.

With over two decades of experience in higher education, Chad specializes in design, strategy, operations planning, and change management across digital learning, educational technology ecosystems, learning spaces, infrastructure, and BYOD/mobile. Prior to Blackboard, he served as the Assistant Chief Information Technology Officer and Executive Director for Campus & Academic Services at the University of Chicago supporting learning, teaching, and research on campus and abroad in Europe, Asia and Antarctica.

"The Complete Package: Teaching, Learning, and the Student Experience"

Whether we notice it or not, technology is embedded into everything we do and influences the way we work, interact and learn. Our expectations have been altered by immediacy of communication, streams of information, and consumer-centric services that we engage with every day. Students flow through campuses with heightened assumptions influenced by the technological world that surrounds them—a world increasingly defined by placing people and what they want to achieve at the center of the technology ecosystem that envelops them. A growing number of colleges and universities are examining the complete package—learning, teaching, and the student experience—and rethinking how they scaffold and promote student success. This keynote will share observations and perspectives regarding the technology ecosystem and its impact on learning and teaching, and the emerging holistic approach toward student retention and success.

Faculty Panel Presentations

Faculty Takeaways from the Summer Innovation Institute (SII)

Topic Learn about innovative implementations of Educational Technology.                                                      
Speakers Jeff Malecki & Diane Keeling

Technology Initiatives

Topics Learn more about student use of multimedia for classroom assignments.                                             
Speakers Leeva Chung & Moriah Meyskens

Other Technologies

Topic What is a High Performance Computer (HPC)?  Find out here!                                                              
Speakers Theodore Dezen, Jeremy Kua, Frank Jacobitz, Ravi Dhungel, & Lenovo
Topic Get an inside look at Learning Glass.                                                                                                 
Speakers Guest speaker Matt Anserson, Department of Physics, SDSU