Wireless Deployment at USD

Wireless Deployment at USD

Telecommunications is in the process of implementing the second of three phases to bring Aruba wireless coverage to the campus.  

Phase 1, completed in August, deployed wireless networking in the residence halls.  As Phase 2 begins, wireless networking devices will be installed in the main campus buildings consisting of two parts: part 1 covers all University class and conference rooms with part 2 filling in employee and administrative offices. 


Wireless deployment Tentative Date
Manchester Conference Center February 6
Barcelona February 7
Durango February 12
Avila February 13
Sports Center February 14-16, 19
Camino Modular Office February 20
Jenny Craig Pavilion February 21-24
Print Shop/Procurement February 26
Guadalupe Hall February 27
Degheri Alumni Center February 28
Facilities Management Admin March 1
Fieldhouse Anex March 2
Field House March 2
Immaculata March 5
Casa Maria March 5
Child Development Center March 6
Casa de Alcala March 7


The new Aruba wireless network will also be secure.  To use the University’s Aruba wireless network, simply open your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, etc.). When you attempt to access a Web site off campus you will be redirected to an Aruba login Web page where you will need to provide your Unet username and password. Browsing the University’s own Web site does not require authentication.

Guests may also use the Aruba wireless network.  At the login page, guests only need to provide us with an e-mail address and will have instant but limited access to only public accessible services and Internet.  

Please be aware that if your laptop goes into hibernation or sleep mode or is closed for more than 6 minutes, you must log back into the Aruba wireless network.

Phase 3 will begin in June 2007 and will cover outdoor areas with wireless service with full campus coverage expected by the end of August 2007.

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