University Network Upgrades

University Network Upgrades

In December, the university began upgrading the campus network infrastructure by replacing older networking components with Cisco devices. After experiencing several delays, we are ready to resume deployment and it is our goal to have this project completed by March 2007. Short outages should be expected when the equipment is exchanged.

Cisco Systems and their business partner, AT&T, will be conducting the installations over the next two months. ITS has worked closely with the vendors to develop a schedule that would be least intrusive to university operations, yet move the upgrades along so that we are all able to enjoy a stable and more reliable network. The schedule is posted below.

I sincerely appreciate your patience and hope that you will see the significant difference in USD's network.

Building Date
Olin Hall January 16
Founders Hall January 16
Sacred Heart Hall January 16
Serra Hall January 17
Institute for Peace and Justice January 17
Casa de la Paz January 18
Maher Hall January 18
Hahn School of Nursing January 19
Legal Research Center January 19
Loma Hall (Bookstore) January 22
Loma first floor January 22
University Center January 22
Coronado (SOLES) January 22
Missions A/5915 January 23
Missions A/5927 January 23
Missions A/5939 January 23
Missions A/5951 January 23
Missions A/5957 January 23
Missions A/5963 January 23
Missions A/5981 January 23
Missions B/6015 January 23
Missions B/6025 January 23
Missions B6045 January 23
Missions B/6065 January 23
University Terrace Appartments January 24
University Terrace Appartments January 24
University Terrace Appartments January 24
San Antonio de Padua January 24
Mission Crossroads January 25
Field House January 25
Football Annex January 25
Jenny Craig Pavilion January 25
Manchester Conference Center January 26
Public Safety January 26

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