Mirapoint Junk Mail Manager

Mirapoint Junk Mail Manager

Dear Administrators, Faculty, Staff, and Students,

In order to avoid disrupting finals, ITS will be deploying the Mirapoint e-mail and calendaring system later in December after all finals have been completed.

However, I would also like to clarify that we will be activating the Mirapoint Junk Mail Manager (JMM) spam filter and virus screening device Saturday, Dec. 2nd, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 12 noon. The Junk Mail Manager system is replacing the existing Meridius spam filtering tool.

Here is what you can expect as the new system is activated. You will receive an e-mail from the spam and virus filter once a day, just as you now do with Meridius.

  • After the new system is activated, the first time you receive any e-mail, JMM sends you this Welcome message.

Your user name and password are your Unet user name and password, but you do NOT have to log in to begin using the system. (Note: These are screen shots only. The “Login” links on the sample pages will not work. When you receive your actual e-mail messages, the Login link will be set for your personal account.)

  • Then once a day, you will receive a junk mail summary that looks like this message.
  • If you receive no spam that day, your summary will look like this message.

The Mirapoint Junk Mail Manager quarantine system provides a more effective spam and virus filter than Meridius and should eliminate much of the spam e-mail that we have been receiving. We look forward to providing a cleaner and more efficient e-mail system for the University community.

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