Software Committee

The Software Committee is a sub-committee of the Information Resources Council (IRC), which is made up of faculty and members of the ITS staff. The Committee meets three times annually to discuss software needs and issues. If any requests for new software reviews are submitted soon after a meeting, the Committee may meet briefly to discuss the request.

Schedule of meetings: TBA

Process for New Software Request

  1. Review your request with your supervisor or chair.
  2. Review with your Dean (if applicable).
  3. Submit your request.
  4. Request is routed to the designee(s) on the Software Committee.
  5. The designee will send an acknowledgment that the request has been received and will indicate a timeline.  If more information is needed, you will be contacted.
  6. The USD community will be polled to see if other groups are using or are interested in using the software.  The designee will also contact the vendor and request pricing and information on license types.
  7. Information is reviewed by Software Committee and will recommend approval or denial.
  8. If approved, the Software Committee will review budgetary options for funding the software.  Options include securing 100% funding, securing partial funding, or no funding available for the current fiscal year.
  9. If the request is denied, the department may purchase the software on their own. Please refer to the Purchasing Guidelines page.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us at