Learning Space Design Committee

About the Commitee

The Innovative Learning Spaces Design Committee (ILSDC) is responsible for developing and updating guidelines for the components and configuration of classrooms and campus learning spaces for the University of San Diego.

In consultation with University Design, the committee provides leadership, innovative input, and coordination of learning space design for the campus. This effort will include development of a detailed set of guidelines for innovative uses of space, technology, furnishings, and other amenities that enable more effective and active learning.

The Learning Space Guidelines are intended to assist in the planning and design of new construction and renovation of spaces throughout the University of San Diego. The guidelines will be updated annually and are to be submitted to the Provost for review and approval on an annual basis.

The ILSDC meets as often as necessary to establish the initial guidelines and four times per year thereafter. All meetings are open. Staff support for the committee is provided by the Office of Information Technology Services.


  1. Document USD Learning Space Guidelines for use by USD Facilities, ITS, the Space Committee, contracted architects and planning firms in the design, renovation, and new construction of classrooms, labs, libraries, as well as other formal and informal spaces where learning occurs.
  2. Serve as a resource and advisory group for the WASC Steering Committee which will be assessing how effectively our classroom technology and configurations and other learning spaces contribute to achieving our student learning outcomes and to promoting intellectual interaction.
  3. Serve as a resource and feedback group for our Campus Master Planning Task Force.
  4. Serve as an advisory group to the CIO on critical needs for classroom and co-curricular learning space improvements, which will help guide funding requests and ITS project planning and budget allocations.

Committee Members

  • Andy Allen, Co-chair
  • Shahra Meshkaty, Co-chair
  • Roger Manion, Facilities
  • Conley Robinson, Facilities
  • David Sulllivan, University Senate
  • Carole Huston, CEE
  • Cel Johnson, President/Institutional Research
  • Mary Whelan, President/University Design
  • Ed Starkey, Library
  • Karen Macauley, Nursing
  • Lee Ann Otto, Peace Studies
  • Leonard Perry, Engineering
  • Mike Kelly, Law
  • Jerry Ammer, SOLES
  • Jack Pope, Mathematics
  • David Light, Business
  • Lance Nelson, Theology
  • Jim Straub, ITS
  • Margaret Leary, Student Affairs
  • Greg Zackowski, Student Affairs
  • Student representative nominated by:
    • Matt Thelen, President AS
    • Cole Cannon, President (Student Bar Association) Law Students
    • Stephanie Bernasconi, President Graduate Students