President Dr. James T. Harris III
Vice Presidents
Vice President and Provost Dr. Gail F. Baker
Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer vacant
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Iniatives Dr. Andrew T. Allen
Vice President, Mission and Ministry Msgr. Daniel J. Dillabough
Vice President, University Operations Mr. Ky Snyder
Vice President, Student Affairs Ms. Carmen M. Vazquez
Vice President, University Advancement Mr. Richard P. Virgin
Academic Deans
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Noelle Norton
Interim Dean, School of Business Dr. Barbara Lougee
Dean, Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering & Associate Provost for Professional Education Dr. Chell A. Roberts
Dean, School of Law Dr. Stephen C. Ferruolo
Dean, School of Leadership and Education Sciences & Associate Provost for Academic Outreach Dr. Nicholas Ladany
Dean, Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science Dr. Jane Georges
Dean, Kroc School of Peace Studies Dr. Patricia Márquez
Dean, University Library Dr. Theresa Byrd
President's Office
Assistant Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Dr. Karen Briggs
Associate Vice President and Executive Director of Athletics Mr. Bill McGillis
General Counsel Ms. Kelly Capen Douglas
Academic Affairs
Vice Provost, Academic Affairs Dr. Thomas R. Herrinton
Associate Provost, Research & Development Dr. Jennifer Zwolinski
Associate Provost, Inclusion and Diversity Dr. Esteban del Río
Associate Provost, International Affairs Dr. Denise Dimon
Assistant Provost, College Initiatives Dr. Cynthia Villis
Assistant Vice President, Academic Administration Ms. Rondi Stein
Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management Mr. Stephen Pultz
Interim Chief Information Officer Dr. Elazar Harel
Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Initiatives
Assistant Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Initiatives Dr. Karen Lee
Associate Vice President, Community Engagement & Anchor Initiatives Mr. Chris Nayve
Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management Mr. André Hutchinson
Assistant Vice President, Chief of Public Safety Mr. James Miyashiro
Associate Vice President, Reporting and Compliance Ms. Kathryn Roig
Assistant Vice President, Budget and Treasury Ms. Janet Courtney-Smith
Controller Ms. Ruth Goulding
Mission and Ministry
Assistant Vice President, University Ministry Dr. Michael Lovette-Colyer
Student Affairs
Assistant Vice President, Auxiliary Services Mr. André Mallié
Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students Dr. Donald Godwin
Assistant Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Programs Dr. Margaret Leary
Assistant Vice President, Student Life Dr. Cynthia Avery
Assistant Vice President, Student Wellness Dr. Melissa Halter
University Advancement
Associate Vice President, Development Ms. Sandra Ciallella
Associate Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Ms. Coreen Petti
Associate Vice President, University Communications Mr. Peter Marlow
Assistant Vice President, Media Communications Ms. Pamela Gray
College of Arts and Sciences
Associate Dean Dr. Neena Din
Associate Dean Dr. Ron Kaufmann
Associate Dean Dr. Kristin Moran
Assistant Dean Ms. Pauline Powell
School of Business
Associate Dean Dr. David Light
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs Dr. Stephen Conroy
Associate Dean, Graduate Programs Dr. Barbara Lougee
Assistant Dean Dr. Carmen Barcena
Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs Dr. Kacy Hayes
Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering
Associate Dean Dr. Rick Olson
School of Law
Associate Dean Ms. Margaret Dalton
Assistant Dean, Admissions and Diversity Initiatives Mr. Jorge Garcia
Assistant Dean, Career and Professional Development Ms. Molly Wescott
Assistant Dean and Director, Legal Research Center Ms. Judith Lihosit
Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration Mr. Christopher Jones
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs Ms. Meredith D'Angelo
School of Leadership and Education Sciences
Associate Dean Dr. Joi Spencer
Assistant Dean Ms. Linda Dews
Assistant Dean, Accreditation & Assessment Dr. Heather Herrera
Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration Mr. Vlad Bolsakov
Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science
Associate Dean, Advanced Practice and Programs Dr. Karen Macauley
Assistant Dean, Masters and International Programs Dr. Kathy Marsh
Kroc School of Peace Studies
Associate Dean Dr. Necla Tschirgi
Assistant Dean, Administration and Operations Mr. Louis Cappella
Assistant Dean, Marketing and Advancement Ms. Krista Kokjohn Poehler
Student Affairs
Assistant Dean, Students Ms. Marie Minnick
Assistant Dean, Students Ms. Mandy Womack
President's Office
Executive Director, University Design Ms. Mary Whelan
Director, Risk Management Ms. Robin Eskow
Director, Compensation and Benefits Ms. Janie Carolin
Director, Human Resources Learning & Development Ms Janice Evelyn
Director, Human Resources Strategies and Services Ms. Bree Gibson
Director, Title IX and Equal Employment Opportunity Programs Dr. Nicole Schuessler-Veloz
Academic Affairs
Senior Director, Customer Support Ms. Shahra Meshkaty
Director, Admissions Ms. Minh-Ha Hoang
Director, Black Student Resource Commons Dr. Ashley Barton
Senior Director, Career Services Ms. Robin Darmon
Interim Senior Director, ERP Technologies Ms. Steffanie Hoie
Director, Financial Aid Services Ms. Kellie Nehring
Director, Institutional Research and Planning Dr. Paula Krist
Director, International Students and Scholars Ms. Chia-Yen Lin
Director, International Studies Abroad Dr. Kira Espiritu
Senior Director, Library and Web Services Mr. Michael O'Brien
Director, Naval ROTC Capt. Edwin Kaiser
Senior Director, Network and Infrastructure Systems and Services Mr. Douglas Burke
Director, One Stop Student Services Center Ms. Sybilla Robison
Director, Sponsored Programs Ms. Traci Merrill
Director, Student Support Services Mr. Ryan Jumamil
Director, TRIO McNair Scholars Mr. Ramiro Frausto
Director, TRIO Upward Bound Ms. Shelley Barajas-Leyva
Director, Undergraduate Research Dr. Elisa Maldonado
Director, University Galleries Dr. Derrick Cartwright
University Registrar Ms. Elizabeth Silva
Director, Budget and Administration Services Ms. Lynne Morris
Director, Building & Grounds Operations Mr. Robert Brauer
Director, Environmental Health & Safety Mr. David Schaper
Director, Planning, Design, & Construction Mr. Zack Knipe
Director, Sustainability Mr. Trey McDonald
Director, University Scheduling & Parking Admin Ms. Wajma Shams Lyons
Director, Accounts Payable [Vacant]
Director, Procurement Services and Print Shop Ms. Theresa Robinson-Harris
Director, Student Financial Services Ms. Rosemary Stallbaumer
Student Affairs
Director, Campus Recreation Ms. Serena Gandara
Director, Campus Restaurants Ms. Carol Norman
Director, Disability and Learning Difference Resource Center Mr. Michael Martinez
Senior Director, Mental & Behavioral Health Dr. Chris Burden
Director, Resource Management Ms. Kathe Myrick
Director, Residential Life Administration Mr. Luke LaCroix
Director, Residential Education Dr. Tyler Crisman
Director, Student Health Center Ms. Pamela Sikes
Senior Director, Student Affairs Facilities Ms. Merrill Marker
Director, Torero Store Mr. James Thrailkill
Director, University Centers and Staff Development Dr. Sean Horrigan
Director, United Front Multicultural Commons Dr. Mayté Pérez Franco
Director, Women's Center/Gender Identity Resources Ms. Erin Lovette-Colyer
University Ministry
Directors, Mission Ms. Erin Bishop and Dr. Mark Peters
University Advancement
Senior Director, Advancement Services Ms. Suzanne Stone
Senior Director, Alumni Relations Mr. Charles Bass
Director, Alumni Operations and Engagement Ms. Kara Marsh Proffitt
Senior Director, Annual Giving and Stewardship Mr. Philip Garland
Senior Director, Media Relations Ms. Liz Harman
Director, Media Relations Ms. Lissette Martinez
Director, Digital Communications and Institutional Marketing Mr. Michael Sauer
Senior Director, Foundation Relations Ms. Annette Ketner
Director, International Engagement and Alumni Outreach Ms. Claudia Iracema Gonzales
Director, Parent and Family Relations Ms. Renda Quinn
Director, Planned Giving Ms. Erin Jones
Director, Print & Web Design University Publications Mr. Patrick Simon
Director, Projects, Advanced Marketing Ms. Krystn Shrieve
Director, University Events and Promotions Ms. DeeDee Wittman
Director, Projects and Design, University Publications Ms. Anna Garretson
Director, Digital Production and Content Development University Publications Mr. Tim McKernan
Senior Director, University Publications Ms. Julene Snyder
Unit Development/Advancement Directors
Athletics Mr. Tyler Mariucci
College of Arts and Sciences [Vacant]
School of Business Ms. Mary Rose McDermott
Shiely-Marcos School of Engineering Ms. Elisa Lurkis
School of Law Ms. Debbie Rider
School of Leadership and Education Sciences Ms. Marty Remmell
Hahn School of Nursing Mr. Jose Gonzalez
Kroc School of Peace Studies Ms. Krista Kokjohn-Poehler, Assistant Dean of Marketing and Advancement
College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate
Anthropology Dr. Jerome Hall
Art, Architecture and Art History Dr. Jessica Patterson
Asian Studies Dr. Yi Sun
Biology Dr. Sue Lowery
Biomedical Ethics Dr. Gary Jones
Changemaking Dr. Mike Williams
Chemistry and Biochemistry Dr. Jim Bolender
Classical Studies Dr. Ryan Abrecht
Communication Studies Dr. Brad Bond
Core Director Dr. Beth O'Shea
English Sr. Mary Hotz
Environmental and Ocean Studies Dr. Sarah Gray
Ethnic Studies Dr. May Fu
Film Studies Dr. Victoria Fu
History Dr. Colin Fisher
Honors Program Dr. Susannah Stern
Interdisciplinary Humanities Dr. Atreyee Phukan
Languages, Cultures and Literatures Dr. Rebecca Ingram
Latin American Studies Dr. Kevin Guerrieri
Liberal Studies Dr. Margaret Daley
Mathematics Dr. Cameron Parker
Medieval & Renaissance Studies Dr. Maura Giles-WatsonDr. Turner Nevitt
Music Dr. David Harnish
Performing Arts Entrepreneurship Dr. David Harnish
Philosophy Dr. Lori Watson
Philosophy, Politics and Economics Dr. Matt Zwolinski
Physics and Biophysics Dr. Rae Anderson
Political Science and International Relations Dr. Emily Edmonds-Poli
Psychological Sciences Dr. Anne Koenig
Sociology Dr. Esteban del Rio
Theatre Ms. Evelyn Cruz
Theology and Religious Studies Dr. Emily Reimer-Barry
Women's and Gender Studies Dr. Leeva Chung
College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate
Acting, MFA program Mr. Jesse Perez
Environmental and Ocean Sciences, MS program Dr. Ron Kaufmann
International Relations, MA program Dr. David Shirk
School of Business, Undergraduate
Undergraduate programs Ms. Jewel Leonard
Accounting & Taxation programs Dr. Loren Margheim
Economics & Business Economics programs Dr. Alyson Ma
Finance & Real Estate programs Dr. Shreesh Deshpande
Management programs Dr. Johanna Hunsaker
Marketing program Dr. Seth Ellis
Operations, Supply Chain Management and ITM programs Dr. John Hanson
School of Business, Graduate
Accountancy and Taxation, MS programs Dr. Diane Pattison
Finance, MS program Dr. Marko Svetina
Real Estate, MS program Dr. Charles Tu
Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering
Computer Science program Dr. John Glick
Electrical Engineering program Dr. Mikaya Lumori
Integrated Engineering program Dr. Susan Lord
Industrial and Systems Engineering program Dr. Truc Ngo
Mechanical Engineering program Dr. Frank Jacobitz
School of Law
Graduate and International programs Ms. Lori Ann Mossuto
International and Comparative Law programs Mr. Michael Ramsey
School of Leadership and Education Sciences
Counseling & Marital and Family Therapy programs Dr. Erika Cameron
Leadership Studies programs Dr. Lea Hubbard
Learning and Teaching programs Dr. Reyes Quezada
Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science
PhD program Dr. Patricia Roth
Master's and International Nursing programs Dr. Kathy Marsh
Health Care and Nursing Informatics programs Dr. Jonathan Mack
NP/ENP programs Dr. Karen Hoyt
Nurse Practitioner/Emergency Nurse Practitioner programs Dr. Karen Hoyt
Nursing Research programs Dr. Cynthia Connelly
Kroc School of Peace Studies
Academic Programs [Vacant]
Professional and Continuing Education
Director, Paralegal Program Ms. Tara Murphy
Enrollment, Student and Business Services Mr. David Kaplan
International Programs Ms. Francine Chemnick
Online Education Ms. Roxanne Morrison
Professional and Public Programs Mr. Andrew Drotos
Unit Assessment Directors
Frances G. Harpst Center for Catholic Thought and Culture Dr. Jeffrey Burns
Center for Christian Spirituality Ms. Erin Bishop
Mulvaney Center for Community Awareness and Social Action Mr. Chris Nayve
Center for Educational Excellence Dr. Sandra Sgoutas-Emch
Center for Inclusion and Diversity Dr. Esteban del Río
Changemaker Hub Dr. Michael Williams
Institute of College Initiatives Dr. Cynthia Villis
International Center Dr. Denise Dimon
College of Arts and Sciences
Humanities Center Dr. Brian Clack
Institute for Civil Civic Engagement Dr. Carl Luna
School of Business
Accountancy Institute Dr. Diane D. Pattison / Dr. Loren L. Margheim
Ahlers Center for International Business Dr. Denise Dimon
Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate Mr. Stath Karras
Center for Peace and Commerce Dr. Amitkumar Kakkad
Small Business Development Center Ms. Mysty Rusk
Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering
Center for Cyber Security Engineering and Technology Dr. Gordon Romney
School of Law
Center for Computation, Mathematics and the Law Mr. Ted Sichelman
Center for Corporate and Securities Law Mr. Jordan Barry
Center for Health Law Policy and Bioethics Mr. Dov Fox
Center for Intellectual Property Law and Markets Mr. David McGowan / Mr. Ted Sichelman
Center for Public Interest Law Mr. Robert Fellmeth
Center for the Study of Constitutional Originalism Mr. Michael Rappaport
Children's Advocacy Institute Mr. Robert Fellmeth
Energy Policy Initiatives Center Mr. Scott Anders
Institute for Law and Philosophy Mr. Larry Alexander / Mr. Steven Smith
Institute for Law and Religion Mr. Larry Alexander / Mr. Steven Smith
School of Leadership and Education Sciences
Catholic Institute for Mental Health Ministry Dr. Erika Nash Cameron
Character Education Resource Center Dr. Edward DeRoche
Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education Dr. Lisa Dawley
Nonprofit Institute Dr. Emily Young
Kroc School of Peace Studies
Center for Peace and Commerce Dr. Amitkumar Kakkad
Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice Dr. Andrew Blum
Trans-Border Institute Dr. Everard Meade