These templates are required for all consent forms.

Adult Consent Form

Parental Consent Form

Child Assent Form

Video Recording Consent Form

IRB/Independent Ethics Committee (IEC) Authorization Agreement (IRB of Record)

IRB Glossary of Terms


Forms for IRB Legacy Studies

This form is required for requesting changes to a previously approved IRB application submitted on paper. (Prior to January 2017)

Request for Modification of an Existing Application

Complete the Modification form and attach online, in Cayuse, as follows:

  1. Open study in Cayuse
  2. Click the blue button in the top right corner that reads “New Submission.”
  3. Click on the Modification option and complete the template as directed.
    (This is where you will attach the Modification form.)
  4. Be certain to click on "Submit" and then "Certify" to complete this process.