Review Process

IRB Applications are submitted online through Cayuse IRB system.

IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME SUBMITTING AN IRB APPLICATION, YOU MUST EMAIL IRB Coordinator Bridget C Meschen at: as the online system will NOT recognize you, delaying your application submission.  

Email Bridget with a message that you are a first-time IRB applicant, including your role (student, faculty, staff). If you are a student, please include your faculty advisor’s name.

24 Hours after your information is uploaded, you may begin your application by logging into MySanDiego Portal and click on the Torero Hub (for students) or Teach Advise (for employees) tab, then scroll to the Cayuse IRB link. 

Next, download the instructions for online submission in the Cayuse System. Please do not attempt to use this system without using these instructions. If you have difficulty with this process, please call Bridget for assistance at Ext. 4553.

Please keep in mind that the preparation of an IRB application is a collaborative process between the researcher, faculty advisor (if researcher is a student), and the IRB representative for your School or College. Before submitting an application for review, researchers should consult their IRB representative with any questions. The preparation of an IRB application requires careful planning and dialogue with IRB personnel.

The USD IRB is committed to providing a review process that is efficient and responsive. In order to achieve this goal, we request that researchers work with us collaboratively and follow the application directions carefully.

To begin your application, please click on How to Apply.