Short-Term Opportunities

The Second Year Experience (SYE) Abroad program is an innovative and comprehensive international experience open to sophomore students at the University of San Diego. Students apply during their first year and will travel together with their cohort during the intersession of their sophomore year. After being enrolled in the program, all students will participate in fall seminars (to take place in the fall semester prior to departure) in preparation for their time abroad. Please see below for more details about this unique and exciting program.

General SYE Abroad Information

Academic Component:

While abroad, students take one three-unit academic course taught by a USD faculty member (see below for course offerings in each location). Each course will fulfill a core curriculum requirement.

Intercultural Component:

Students will be assigned to an Intercultural Group. These groups will be organized and led by current USD administrators and staff who will meet with the students prior to departure, on-site in each location, and at USD upon return. Within these groups students will participate in cultural and social activities both in San Diego and abroad.

Program Cost:

Please check the program below for cost information as this depends on the course students take while abroad.  This cost includes tuition, housing, class-related activities abroad, cultural activities abroad, excursions, some meals, and international health insurance.


Details regarding program housing and calendar for each location will be made available to all enrolled students in the Fall prior to their departure.


Students must be in good academic and conduct standing with USD. Students participating in this program must have sophomore standing (completed three semesters prior to traveling abroad in January).

Students in the Class of 2024 will be able to select from either Auckland, New Zealand or Florence, Italy.

SYE 2022 Application Deadline and Program Timeline:

  • Application Timeline: Applications for SYE 2022 will open soon. Deadline TBD (April 2021)
  • Kick-off event: TBD (May 2021)
  • Mandatory Fall Seminars: Students will be required to attend three mandatory fall seminars in Fall 2021 (confirmed dates, times, and locations will be sent to enrolled students) 

SYE Abroad Locations and Applications

Florence, Italy - Explore: Relive the Renaissance (click to learn more and apply)

Florence is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance and, as such, has a rich cultural history. Students will have the opportunity to explore the city through its art and architecture preserved among the cobblestone streets.


The cost to participate in the SYE Florence program depends on the course students take. This cost includes tuition, housing, some meals, course activities and some cultural activities. Pricing for SYE 2022 will be posted prior to applications opening.

Courses Offered in Florence:

Course Fulfills
ITAL 347: Dante & Medieval Florence (3 units) Literary Inquiry (ELTI)
THRS 349: Art & Theological Imagination in Florence (3 units) Theology & Religious Inquiry (FTRI)
PHIL 330: New World Order: Modern Self, Modern State, Modern Science (3 units) Ethical Inquiry (FETI)
MKTG 300: Principles of Marketing (3 units) Required for all BBA majors in School of Business and fulfills Oral Communication (CORL)
ARCH 121: Introduction to Modern Architecture (3 units) Artistic Inquiry (EARI)

CHEM 111: The Chemistry of Medicines, Potions, & Magic (3 units)

Science & Tech Inquiry (ESTI)
HIST 145: Renaissance Florence (3 units) Historical Inquiry (EHSI)


Auckland, New Zealand - Discover: South Pacific Past and Present (click to learn more and apply)

Auckland is the world's largest Polynesian city and is a true melting pot of various cultures. Students will have the opportunity to explore the city's traditions through introductions to the rich Māori culture and the various natural beauty throughout the region.


The cost to participate in the Auckland SYE Abroad program depends on the course students take. This cost includes tuition, housing, some meals, course activities and some cultural activities. Pricing for SYE 2022 will be posted prior to applications opening.

Courses Offered in Auckland:

Course Fulfills

CHEM 111: Chemistry in Color! (3 units)

Science & Tech Inquiry (ESTI)

ECON 216: Statistics for Business & Economics (4 units)

Quantitative Reasoning (CQUR)
ENGL 236: Secret New Zealand (3 units) Literary Inquiry (ELTI)
MGMT 300: Organizational Behavior (3 units) Required for all BBA majors in the School of Business 
COMM 101: Introduction to Communication (3 units) Social & Behavioral Inquiry (ESBI) and fulfills Oral Communication (CORL)



NOTE: As of January 26, 2021:

USD has, regrettably, cancelled all Summer 2021 study abroad programs for a variety of reasons that include quarantine requirements abroad, the unknown timeframe for when college students will be able to obtain vaccines, undetermined requirements for entry in overseas countries, and our inability to confirm when or if some borders will reopen for tourism. A top priority is also, always, everyone's health and safety.
USD is planning, with great optimism, to offer Fall 2021 semester programs abroad and we are also very hopeful that by Intersession 2022 and beyond we will be able to again offer our exciting short-term, faculty-led programs. 

The University of San Diego offers several short-term programs during the intersession term. These programs are offered in various international locations and are all taught by USD faculty members. Program locations and courses change periodically.

The tuition cost for these programs is subsidized by the university and USD International Center scholarships as well as outside scholarships are available.


Below are the courses and locations being offered in Intersession 2022. Applications will open near the end of the Spring 2021 semester and more details will be forthcoming. 

Location Course(s) Professor(s)

Core (if applicable)

Asia Tour

POLS 494/594: Asia Tour - Politics, Culture and Security in Korea, Taiwan & Cambodia

Dr. Randy Willoughby 

Argentina - Buenos Aires (Spanish Program)

SPAN 201: Third Semester Spanish 

Dr. Maricarmen Cedillo

Second language competency (CSLA) 

SPAN 394/LATS 494: Argentina - Memory and Justice

Dr. Alejandro Meter


Argentina - Buenos Aires (Liberal Arts & Business Program)



ARTV 105 /302/ 499: Drawing Fundamentals / Intermediate Drawing / Independent Study

Dr. Allison Wiese

Artistic Inquiry (EARI)

MGMT 414: International Management Consulting Dr. Jaime Gomez


THRS 369: Liberation Theology 

Dr. Karen Teel 

THRS 369: Theo/Religious Inquiry (FTRI); Domestic diversity level 2 (FDD2)

England - London 





COMM 203: Public Speaking Dr. Diane Keeling Oral Communication competency (CORL)

ENGL 240/420: Celebrate Shakespeare

Dr. Jeanie Grant Moore

Literary Inquiry (ELTI)

FINA 406: Personal Finance

Dr. Daniel Roccato


HRNS 318/319: Conceptions of Nature: Race, Faith, Food, and Politics 

Dr. Christopher Carter & Dr. Andrew Tirrell 

HRNS 318: Theo/Religious Inquiry (FTRI); Domestic Diversity level 2 (FDD2) and Advanced Integration (CINT)

HRNS 319: POLS credit with Domestic Diversity level 2 (FDD2) and Advanced Integration (CINT)

PSYC 355: Abnormal Psychology

Dr. Michael Ichiyama 

 Jamaica - Duncans  




ARTV 101: Visualizing Jamaica Through the Language of Drawing

Dr. John Halaka Artistic Inquiry (EARI)

LANG 140/142: "My Crew's Slang Flow Worldwide": Voices from the Caribbean

Professor Soraya Abuelhiga 

LANG 140:Literary Inquiry (ETLI);

LANG 142: Literary Inquiry (ETLI) & Global Diversity level 1 (FGD1) 

THRS 125/365: Black Atlantic Religions

Dr. Jamall Calloway

THRS 125: Theo & Religious Inquiry(FTRI);

THRS 365/ Theo & Religious Inquiry (FTRI) and Domestic Diversity level 2 (FDD2)

Trinidad & Tobago 

ENGR 103: User-Centered Design


Dr. Odesma Dalrymple

Domestic Diversity level 1 (FDD1)

MATH 110: Investigations in Mathematics

Dr. Perla Myers

Math Reasoning and Problem Solving (CMRP) 
United Arab Emirates - Dubai    ECON 333: International Economics

Dr. Alyson Ma

ISYE 330: Probability and Statistics 

Dr. Lenny Perry 

ISYE 410: Intro to Human Factors Engineering  Dr. Bradley Chase  
THRS 388: The World of the Bible: Then and Now  Dr. Florence Gillman Theo/Religious Inquiry (FTRI)
Utah - Sundance Film Festival COMM 433: American Independent Cinema Dr. Eric Pierson & Dr. Roger Pace  
Vietnam ENGR 110: Design of Coffee Dr. Truc Ngo Science & Tech Inquiry (ESTI)




University of San Diego students have an opportunity to immerse themselves in local communities while abroad and gain valuable experience through service learning and community building activities. Some of our study abroad programs include service learning and community building as a key component of the program; in other programs, service opportunities are optional but available.

Please see below for more information about ways to engage at a deeper level within the community while you are abroad.

Service Learning and Community Building Programs Abroad (short-term programs)



USD sends students to Jamaica approximately two times per year in an effort to maintain what has become a remarkable connection between the USD campus community and the locals who live in Duncans, Jamaica on the island's northern coast. In addition to earning course credit while abroad, students have the opportunity to engage in service within the community at local schools, learning centers and in rural neighborhoods. The community of Duncans holds a special place in the heart of many USD students, staff and faculty. Click here to learn more about the Jamaica program.

South Africa

Join USD for this study abroad opportunity that offers students a unique opportunity to visit South Africa and to learn more about its history, politics, and culture. As a country that has emerged from apartheid rule, the study of South African politics and history will enable students to think critically about the legacy of authoritarian rule, democratization, and race and ethnic reconciliation. The academic component will be supplemented with opportunities to engage with South African communities, such as black townships and the rural village of Makuleke. These experiences will introduce students to different cultural traditions and practices that they can share with friends and family. Click here to see the USD South Africa program in action.

Semester Abroad Programs with Opportunities for Service and Community Building

Information coming soon.