Visa Information


Depending on students' nationality, a study visa may be required in order to study abroad in Spain.   U.S. passport holders who participate in the USD Madrid semester program are required to obtain a long stay study visa (since the USD Madrid Semester Program is longer than 90 days). Non-U.S. passport holders should check regulations to see if a visa is required.  A visa is an entry/residency permit and official permission granted by the authorities of the countries where students will study or travel.  The visa itself is frequently a stamp in a passport, not a separate document.  Students should be aware of the following information before applying for a study visa:

  • Students should have at least two blank pages in their passports.  
  • Students will need a valid passport before applying for a visa. 
  • Obtaining a passport and visa may take 3-4 months, so please plan accordingly.  NOTE: Based on this timeline students may want to consider expediting their passport through an authorized passport acceptance facility (processing time is 2-3 weeks) or through a U.S. Department of State Passport Agency (processing time is 5 business days or less).

Students may be denied entry into, or be deported from, a country for which they have not obtained a required visa. The Office of International Studies Abroad and the University of San Diego are not responsible for obtaining visas, nor are they in any way responsible for visa or entry denial.

Questions about the visa process?  Contact Derek Brendel (, the USD Madrid semester program advisor.

  • When should I make an appointment for a study visa?
  • At which consulate should I schedule my appointment?
  • How do I make an appointment for a study visa?
  • Do I have to appear in person at my visa appointment?
  • What do I have to bring to my visa appointment?
  • How long after my consulate appointment will I receive my visa?