Scholarships for Study in the Middle East and Greater Arabia

American Jewish League for Israel- AJLI offers scholarships for a full year of study in Israel. The scholarships can be for graduate or undergraduate students. One must be a US citizen to apply.

American University in Cairo Simpson Scholarship- Students can receive partial funding for one or two semesters of study during the junior or senior year at AUC, requiring three courses per semester in the field of Egyptology.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem/Rothberg International School Scholarships- A limited number of Merit based scholarships are being offered to highly qualified candidates from universities throughout the United States.

Ginsburg-Ingerman Scholarship- Scholarships and financial aid are available to students in both the year and semester programs through the Ginsburg-Ingerman Scholarship Program. Scholarship awards are based on economic need.

Masa Israel Scholarship- Masa offer grants and scholarships to help make the study abroad experience in Israel more affordable. The amount available depends on your country of origin, age, and the length of your program.

Melvin M. Goldberg Fellowship- Through the Jewish Federation of Allentown Pennsylvania, the Goldberg Family offers an annual Fellowship in memory of Melvin Morris Goldberg to allow an undergraduate engineering student from any U.S. University to visit Israel to perform supervised technical research at an Israeli University. The $3,000 Fellowship will be presented to a junior or senior who demonstrates enthusiasm, aptitude, interest in Israel, and the motivation to arrange a personalized research program and is intended to provide partial support for travel and living costs during the visit.

Natalie Shaltiel Scholarship for American Students- The Natalie Shaltiel Scholarship for undergraduate American Students has been endowed by an extraordinary woman who survived the Holocaust, living on to contribute greatly to mankind through her work in the field of microbiology and immunology as well as through her example of being a great human being. This scholarship is both merit and need based.

Turkish Coalition of America- TCA has established a diverse array of scholarship programs that support its educational mission. A wide range of scholarships are available for American minority students wishing to study in Turkey and support TCA's mission to build people-to-people bridges between the United States and Turkey.