Hosting International Faculty or Scholars

Guidelines for Academic Units Hosting International Faculty and/or Scholars

General Information

Academic departments may host an international scholar (exchange visitor) in the following categories:

PROFESSOR/RESEARCHER (from six months up to five years)
- is someone who is engaged in this program for the purpose of teaching, conducting research, or both.  The maximum stay in this category is five years that must be used consecutively in a non-tenure track position.

- is someone who is participating in a USD program for six month or less.

NOTE: For questions relating to foreign nationals filling tenure track faculty and permanent positions, please contact our Human Resources Office.

Hosting an International Scholar

  1. Please consult with Chia-Yen Lin and Rhona Reyes to determine whether or not the prospective scholar or visiting professor is a good candidate for the exchange visit program. If it has been determined that the scholar/professor may be brought in under a J-1 visa, the hosting department will identify a point person who will be required to undergo SUNAPSIS Training with our department. SUNAPSIS is our student and scholar database case management system. The person assigned will be tasked with the administrative duties of creating a profile for the scholar or visiting professor and collecting the necessary documents, in order to issue a DS-2019, Certificate Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status.
  2. The documents below are typically required for the issuance of the DS-2019, please review carefully.

    a. For paid positions: A teaching/payment contract is required. 


    b. For non-paid positions: prepare an invitation letter for the visit

         The invitation letter must state the following:

    • Name of the hosting department
    • Name of USD faculty member serving as host
    • Duration of the visit: Beginning and end dates
    • Purpose of visit (research topics)
    • Title of the position
    • Office space available to the exchange visitor, if any
    • Party responsible for funding the exchange visitor's health insurance* (If the exchange visitor is expected to cover his own medical insurance expense, it must be clearly noted in the letter.  If the academic department will cover the exchange visitor's health insurance coverage, the academic department should communicate directly with the Student Accounts to arrange payment)

        Note: Invitation letter must be signed by the Dean or Department Chair

    c. Present evidence that the exchange visitor has adequate English skills to function as a visiting scholar
    d. Proof of funding (applies whether scholar is USD-funded, self-funded, or other institution-funded)

    *All documents will be uploaded to SUNAPSIS for OISS review.

The following is a Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) guide on how academic units or department heads can extend an invitation to or host international faculty, visitors, or researchers to the University of San Diego for official business.

For more information on the process of sponsoring a visiting professor or scholar, you may contact (619) 260-4598 to make an appointment with either Responsible Officer (RO) Chia-Yen Lin, or Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO) Rhona Reyes.

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