Faculty and Staff Opportunities

University of San Diego faculty are supported in and encouraged to engage in a variety of international opportunities. There are a number of ways that USD faculty connect with the internationalization efforts on and off-campus.

Faculty who wish to further their research abroad are invited to apply for an International Opportunity Grant which is funded by the Provost's Office and managed by the International Center. Grants are awarded to faculty who are presenting at an international conference or conducting internationally-based research.

International Opportunity Grants (IOG) for Faculty, Staff and Administrators:

These grants are available to promote research and scholarship abroad as well as to help USD to internationalize its campus and curriculum by giving faculty and staff the opportunity to work on projects with their counterparts in other countries.

International Grant Applications

Online Application 

  • Fall 2021 Applications Open Now
  • The online application consists of the following:
    • Intended travel dates and destination
    • Project title & purpose of travel (approx. 5 sentences)
    • Proposal Upload: Upload a word document describing your proposal in 400 words or less.  How is the proposed travel experience internationally-focused, and how does it support your professional growth and/or enhance performance in your current role at USD. Be sure to carefully review the “Acceptable Activities for Funding” section of the Policies and Procedures on the website to assure submission eligibility.
    • Itemized list of funding requirements
    • Option to include invitation/acceptance letter for conferences. All awards for conference or seminar attendance are contingent on acceptance.
    • All applications will be sent to supervisors for approval/endorsement.  Your Department Chair or Supervisor must endorse the application via email. If you are the Department Chair, your proposal will be sent to your Dean for approval.
    • COVID-19 NOTE: All IOG-related travel is subject to University guidelines and policies, which may continue to change in the coming months. It is the responsibility of the traveler to research and remain updated on University policies, CDC travel advisories, and travel requirements for their destination. 

Upcoming Grant Schedule

  Spring 2021 Fall 2021
  Travel January 1 - August 31, 2021 Travel: September 1 - December 31, 2021
Call for Proposals No awards this term February 24, 2021
Submission Deadline N/A April 12, 2021
Award Announcements N/A March 2021


The fundamental purpose of the International Opportunities Grant program is to "internationalize" the USD campus and curriculum by exposing faculty, staff and administrators to different cultures through foreign travel. The grants are intended to encourage the development of professional relationships, promote research and scholarship abroad. The current grant pool is $70,000. The International Center Advisory Council will evaluate proposals on the strength of their connection to the international mission of the university and to the perceived benefit towards increasing the applicant's international understanding. For faculty, the Council will consider how the international experience is applicable to the faculty member’s teaching and research, and will examine a trip's usefulness for internationalizing the curriculum and building a scholar's long-term international research agenda, including publications.  For Staff and Administrators, the Council will look at how the international experience is applicable to the staff member’s area of expertise, job responsibilities and professional development.

 Selection Criteria

The primary criterion of judgment will be the excellence of the proposal, its connection to the international mission and goals of USD and the linkage of this international experience to the professional for staff/admin, or the thoughtfulness given to its applicability to teaching, research, and publication on international themes for faculty.  For more information specific to staff/admin and faculty selection criteria, please review the applicable Policy and Procedures documents at the top of this page.


All tenure-track, tenured and full-time contract faculty are eligible to apply. All full-time, benefits based USD staff and administrators are eligible to apply. However given funding constraints, applicants can only be funded only once per fiscal year (July to June). New applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please note: IOG applicants whose acceptance to a conference or panel is still pending approval or confirmation at the time of IOG deadlines are still encouraged to apply. Funding may be granted to these applicants contingent upon receipt of proof of acceptance.

Application Process

Applicants must use the official application form and answer all questions completely, including a description of the anticipated expenses and funding from other sources. Please access the application and guidelines posted at the top of this page.  Consideration for funding of late applications will be done on a case by case basis.  If you have any questions contact Kanani Meheula, Budget & Operations Manager for International Affairs.

Amounts of Funding

Applicants may request funding up to $2,500 per person for each proposal however the average funding awarded by the Council has been approximately $1,750 per person. Repeat funding is possible, however not within the same fiscal year. In the event there are funds remaining, the committee will consider additional requests.

IOG Funding Procedure

We strongly encourage IOG recipients to use funding to cover the costs of airfare, conference fees, hotel fees & research materials. It is also strongly suggested that recipients use the USD One Card to make all of their purchases and/or reservations. If recipients do not have a One Card card, the International Center may purchase approved expenses on behalf of the recipient, eliminating the need for reimbursement.

A detailed list of reimbursement policies will be presented to each recipient in conjunction with their award announcement. For additional information regarding reimbursements, please consult the University's Expenditure Procedures.  As a reminder, all original receipts are required in order to be reimbursed.  If a provider/vendor does not provide a receipt, please complete the Receipt of Payment Form at the time of purchase.


Recipients will be expected to informally share their experience in an open forum reception during International Education Week which is generally the third week in November. Additional information will be provided with award announcements.

Language Enhancement

IOG recipients looking to enhance their foreign language skills prior to departure are encouraged to look into the International Center's Rosetta Stone program. All USD faculty/staff/admin are able to purchase 3 or 6 month memberships at a discounted price.

Contact Information

Please contact Kanani Meheula for additional information.

Grants Awarded

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Thank you for your interest in teaching abroad through the Office of International Studies Abroad. USD is becoming well known for its faculty-led programs in the field of international studies. None of this would be possible without the dedication and hard work of faculty leaders who understand the importance of developing a globally competent community at the University of San Diego. We appreciate your enthusiasm for international education and we hope that you will be able to join us overseas.

Instructions for Submitting Program Proposals

Faculty proposals to teach abroad will be submitted via online form.  Faculty members must review the proposal guidelines and requirements prior to completing the application form.

College of Arts & Sciences and SOLES (Undergraduate only)

School of Engineering (Undergraduate only)

School of Business (Undergraduate & Graduate Business Courses)

Preference will be given to full-time faculty. If you submit more than one proposal, please state your priorities for course and location selection. The timetable for 2021 proposal submission and acceptance is:

September 15, 2020:
Proposals to teach abroad in Intersession, Second Year Experience Abroad (Intersession), and Summer 2022 are due.

October, 2020:
Faculty notified regarding status of their proposal.

Contact Information

For questions about the Faculty-Led Program Proposal Process, please feel free to contact:

Dr. Denise Dimon, Associate Provost for International Affairs:

Dr. Kira Espiritu, Director of International Studies Abroad:

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Faculty and Staff Language Improvement

In order to provide USD Faculty and Staff with language improvement training, the International Center is offering 3 or 6 month memberships to Rosetta Stone. With each membership comes unlimited access to every language and level available in the program at a special discounted rate. Both Faculty and Staff are offered the same discount at $40 for a 3 month membership and $75 for 6 months. View a list of all languages available with each membership.

Rosetta Stone is accessible from any computer, however it is recommended that a microphone and speaker be available to users in order to enhance learning. If you wish to access the training via an iPad, please follow these instructions.

Upon registering you will be notified via the email provided when your subscription becomes active. Please allow up to two business days for processing. Your membership will not begin until this notification is sent. Be advised that when you receive this email your subscription will begin. Space is limited to 75 registrants at any given time. Should you be placed on a wait list, you will be contacted when the next available membership is open.

Eligible subscribers include all faculty, administration and staff who are full-time benefit based employees at USD. Students are not eligible.

To begin your language training by registering online. For School of Business faculty and staff, please register through the Ahlers Center for International Business.

For more information please contact the International Center at (619) 260-4598 or international@sandiego.edu.

Internationalization of the Curriculum Faculty Workshop

Each year, the International Center in collaboration with the Center for Educational Excellence hosts an "Internationalization of the Curriculum Workshop" for faculty. All faculty are invited to participate. The call for applications goes out early in the Fall semester and the workshop takes place during International Education Week (mid-November). Participants will work hands-on with their own syllabus and will leave the workshop with an internationalized version. Stipends are available for the successful execution of post-workshop deliverables.

Information regarding the 2016 workshop is forthcoming.  If you have any questions, please contact the International Center at x4598 or international@sandiego.edu.

For an idea of other events occurring during International Education Week, please visit the International Education Week website.

Faculty Development Opportunity Abroad

Incorporating Community Engagement in International Programs

We are no longer accepting applications for this program.  Please check back for future international development opportunities.

The International Center and The Mulvaney Center for Community, Awareness and Social Action are collaborating to design an international faculty development program to Jamaica during January intersession (January 12-22, 2016).  Participants will be asked to contribute $400 toward their overall expenses to participate and space will be limited. The program will include round-trip economy airfare, accommodations, tours, site visits with community partners, and community engagement opportunities.

USD has been organizing study abroad programs in Jamaica for the past 10 years.  This location allows for an excellent example of how faculty can incorporate immersion and community engagement into any of their international programs.  The development trip will be interdisciplinary in design, and will explore and examine the history, culture and the current social issues facing a post-slavery, post-colonial Jamaica.  Participating faculty will gain the opportunity and skills to explore ways to effectively, intentionally and meaningfully connect and co-create with community (in Jamaica, in other international locations, and even in San Diego).  This experience will also be a unique opportunity to engage with the USD community and build relationships with your colleagues from across campus.   

Additional International Faculty Development Opportunities

The following departments currently offer faculty development opportunities abroad:
Ahlers Center for International Business
Catholic Thought and Culture

Staff Development Opportunities Abroad

Experiential Learning Professional - SYE Abroad Program

The application cycle for Experiential Learning Professional positions in the SYE Abroad 2021 program is now open. Applications are due on March 1, 2020. 

Full-time, benefits-based USD employees have the opportunity to serve as an Experiential Learning Professional as part of the Second Year Experience Abroad (SYE Abroad) Program. This program is a feature component of the second year initiative on campus and is an opportunity for employees to work with small groups of students both on campus and abroad. Experiential Learning Professionals work with freshmen students for approximately one year before traveling abroad with the students during Intersession of their sophomore year. The Experiential Learning Professional (ELP) team will serve as part of the on-site administration abroad in the SYE Abroad Program coordinated by the USD International Center. ELP team members will be responsible for working with a small group of students assigned to specific academic courses, facilitating the broad learning experience for students in the assigned small group, and helping International Center administration coordinate the program on-site.

Information about the role of Experiential Learning Professionals on the SYE Abroad Program and a sample calendar can be accessed through the links below. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the role, expectations and selection criteria prior to submitting an application. Additionally, applicants are expected to obtain supervisory approval prior to submitting an application.

SYE Abroad Experiential Learning Professional Applicant Criteria:

  1. Full-time, benefits based employee (staff or administrator)
  2. Actively engaged in direct advising of undergraduate students - applicants with direct experience working with and supporting undergraduate students will be given priority
  3. Experience supervising, leading or coordinating student-centered activities/programs
  4. Ability to lead small group reflection sessions
  5. Comfortable living in a community amongst undergraduate students
  6. Willingness to address student conduct issues that impact community and which violate the USD Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities. 
  7. Strong interpersonal communication skills

Application Preview

Role/Timeline/Expectations for Experiential Learning Professionals

Sample SYE Abroad Program Calendar

Apply Now - Application Link

Please contact Dr. Kira Espiritu or call 619-260-4598 if you have any questions about these opportunities.


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International Impact Award

In 2013 the International Center Advisory Committee instituted a campus-wide annual International Impact Award, open to both full-time faculty and staff, for recognition of sustained and deep contributions to promote global understanding through work and connections with others; commitment to internationalization; innovative, substantial and/or continuous contributions to USD's international education goals. This gives the USD campus community the opportunity to nominate their colleagues and recognize their individual achievements and contributions toward global education at USD.  The awardee is announced and recognized during International Education Week.

Submission Deadline:  The deadline for 2020 submissions is November 6, 2020.

Eligibility: Full-time employee of the university who has made a profound impact on international education at USD through their work and connections with others.  International Center staff are not eligible.

Nomination process: Briefly describe (300 words or less) the impact the nominee has had on global education at USD.  Nominations can be self-nominations or from others. Please complete the International Impact Award form online.

Previous Awardees

2019 Awardee:

Professor, Visual Arts

2018 Awardees:

Assistant Dean, School of Leadership & Education Sciences
Assistant Provost, Institute of College Initiatives & TRiO


2017 Awardee:

Professor of French

2016 Awardees:

James Bolender, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations

2015 Awardees:

Dee Aker, Ph.D.
Director, Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice

Cynthia L. Caywood, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor, Department of English

2014 Awardees:

Paula Cordeiro, Ed.D.
Former Dean & Professor, School of Leadership & Education Sciences

Herbert Lazerow, L.L.M.
Founding Director, Summer Law Programs Abroad

2013 Awardee:

Yvette Fontaine, M.Ed;
Director, Office of International Students and Scholars (retired)

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