About the International Center

The University of San Diego's International Center serves as a gateway to all internationally-related activities both on and off-campus. The Center is comprised of two main offices: The Office of International Students and Scholars and the Office of International Studies Abroad. Each office works collaboratively across campus to provide support for study abroad programs as well as provide oversight for the immigration and documentation process for international students and scholars.

The International Center is a resource for the USD community and works to build bridges by making connections between the various international activities across campus. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

The University of San Diego is committed to actively promoting awareness, appreciation, and respect for the complexity of cultural, political, environmental, and social issues worldwide while creating a campus environment that builds theoretical and practical skills needed to interact effectively in today's global society.

Core Values for Global Competence

  • Globally competent students
    are ambassadors of the variety of cultures they represent. Through a values-based education, students learn to respect diverse human values, challenge existing global perspectives, and develop a deeper understanding of worldwide interconnectedness. Globally competent students are able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for successful interactions locally and globally and maintain connections to facilitate personal and professional growth.
  • Globally competent faculty
    are committed to the common good of an interrelated global society. In-depth professional knowledge of other cultures, languages and global dynamics form the core principles for effective faculty interaction in our globally interdependent world. Faculty actively participate in a community of international scholars working to promote experience with world issues, research and knowledge of those concepts and methods needed to better educate students in our increasingly diverse society.
  • A globally competent institution
    develops systematic processes to establish formal international initiatives and provides an infrastructure to support international activities. The institution places a high priority on preparing students, faculty, staff, and administrators committed to leadership in an increasingly interdependent world.


The International Advisory Council advises the Associate Provost for International Affairs and the International Center on the direction and implementation of our internationalization efforts at the University of San Diego. The Council is comprised of faculty, staff and administrators representing the academic units and student life. The Council members will liaise between the administration and their respective schools and units, providing a university-wide vision to further develop global competencies among students, faculty and the institution as a whole.

International Center Advisory Council Members
Denise Dimon, PhD International Affairs - Associate Provost
Cynthia Caywood, PhD College of Arts and Sciences, English - Faculty
Francine Chemnick Professional and Continuing Education - Director of International Programs
David DeHaan, PhD College of Arts and Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry - Faculty
Linda Dews, MA School of Leadership and Education Sciences - Associate Dean
Neena Din, PhD College of Arts and Sciences - Assistant Dean
Saviz Fallahian, JD School of Law - Assistant Director of Graduate and International Programs
Claudia Gonzales, MA International Constituent Relations - Director
Kevin Guerrieri, PhD College of Arts and Sciences - Director, Latin American Studies
John Halaka, PhD College of Arts and Sciences, Art - Faculty
Ming Huang, PhD Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering - Faculty
Eric Jiang, PhD Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering - Faculty
Maria Malloy Admissions - Associate Director & International Admission Manager
Kathy Marsh, PhD Hahn School of Nursing - Associate Dean of Master's and International Programs
Molly McAmis Hahn School of Nursing - Faculty
Charles Tu, PhD School of Business - Faculty
International Center Members
Kira Espiritu, PhD International Studies Abroad - Director
Chia-Yen Lin, MEd International Students and Scholars - Director
Kanani Meheula International Affairs - Budget & Operations Manager