Support Civility

2016 Primary Debate

Why Support Civility?

Why support civility? How about because thirty years of increasing partisan rancor and discord have left America as a nation disunited and our government dysfunctional? How about because the politics of joy Hubert Humphrey could proclaim five decades ago has been replace by the politics of blame and disdain, living political processes paralyzed from local to national and leaving communities unable to come together to deal with real needs and concerns. How about because rising levels of incivility in our civic discourse (recognized in both polls and empirical research) does nothing to promote the general welfare and is actively destructive to domestic tranquility. How about because We, the People have an obligation to ourselves and each other to treat each other with respect in pursuit of a more perfect union? Pick a reason –they’re all good. Now, if those reasons are good enough for you to decide to support improving Civility in our Civic Discourse, what are you going to do about it?
Begin quote I think the country's getting disgusted with Washington partly because of the decline of civility in government. – George McGovern

How to Support Civility

How can you support civility? One way might be to help us in our efforts to promote community events and programs to mobilize people like yourself to take positive actions to improve the tone and tenor of our public debate. Become an ICCE partner, lending your name and support to ICCE initiatives like our Celebrating Civility Awards partnership with schools to recognize students working to improve civility on their campuses and in their community. Better yet, become an ICCE sponsor. Your direct and in kind donations can make a major contribution towards helping us to expand our efforts to improve civil dialogue across the San Diego region and beyond. You can even consider becoming a member of the ICCE advisory board and executive committee, where you can take an active role in shaping the programs and initiatives we can develop and implement across our community. Join the ICCE community and make an active contribution to improving civility in San Diego.

Become an ICCE Partner

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Begin quote Incivility can not be treated like the weather, with everyone complaining about it but no-one doing anything about it. – Carl Luna