The Institute for Civil Civic Dialogue has engaged in several past and ongoing initiatives.

Restoring Respect

Restoring Respect is a community initiative promoting greater civility in San Diego civic dialogue. The initiative is supported by a consortium of San Diego area academic institutions and community groups including the Catfish Club of San Diego; the San Diego Community College District; the University of San Diego; the University of San Diego College of Arts and Sciences, the University of San Diego School of Leadership and Educational Studies,  the University of California, San Diego; San Diego Mesa College; San Diego City College; San Diego Miramar College, San Diego Continuing Education,  California State University San Marcos; San Diego State University; San Diego Gas & Electric, KPBS Public Radio and Television and the League of Women Voters.

CivicTalk San Diego

CivicTalk: San Diego is an informal gathering of organizations who are engaged in promoting civil civic dialogue in the San Diego region. CivicTalk helps establish better lines of communication and networking to:

  • Share information about civil dialogue events hosted by different groups;
  • Share opportunities for mutual cross-promotion of events between groups;
  • Create opportunities for partnerships and co-sponsorships to expand the reach and scope of activities; and
  • Help to connect the various groups in the area working on civil dialogue to maximize synergy and effectiveness.

CivicTalk is currently on hiatus, looking to return with thrice-annual meetings recommencing Spring, 2020. 

Student Civility Awards

ICCE is partnering with the San Diego Unified School District, UT San Diego and the San Diego Deliberation Network to  annual Celebrating Civility Awards: Creating Civility On Our Campuses and In Our Community (aka The C6 Awards). High School students from across the SDUSD are invited to demonstrate what civility means to them and how civility may be best expressed across our community. The top student nominees from each SDUSD are  profiled at Restoring Respect’s Annual Conference  at USD’s Kroc Institute For Peace and Justice where the top scholarship award winners are announced.

Campaign Civility Project

The Campaign Civility Project was a partnership between KGTV 10NEWS ,The Independent Voter Network and the project Restoring Respect, an initiative co-sponsored by the San Diego Community College District, the University of San Diego School of Leadership and Educational Sciences and the Catfish Club of San Diego. The Project sought to create greater awareness amongst citizens and elected officials concerning the levels of civility and incivility in local political campaigns. The project is scheduled for reboot during the 2018 Midterm elections. 

Richard Nixon: The Musical

Tagline: Moulin Rouge & Rock of Ages meets The Best Man & All the President's Men

ICCE is exploring new ways to make issues of civility relevant to our students and our community. To that end we’re developing the concept of a musical based on the Nixon-Kennedy friendship-turned-bitter-rivalry—a relationship straight out of Shakespeare and Greek Tragedy—which can provide today’s audience with a simple but needed message: If we, the American people, could survive the tumult of the ‘50s, ‘60s & 70s—Nixon and Kennedy, Dallas and Watergate, civil rights and sexual revolution, Vietnam and the threat of nuclear Armageddon—and remain a united people, then we can survive the problems of today.

Libretto Synopsis: Richard Nixon meets the ghost of John Kennedy in the Green Room of the David Frost show. Together they revisit their own personal history against the backdrop of the rise and wane of the American century as underscored by the soundtrack of the age. An ode to the great musical comedies/dramas of the Broadway tradition, through hubris and pathos, humor and music, Nixon the Musical tells us something of our nation’s past, allows us to reflect on our present and prods us to think about America’s future.

The show uses music from the 1940s-2010s to provide a musical roadmap to the trials and tribulations of one of our nation’s most challenging periods.

For more information/if you are interested in working on this project contact
Carl Luna


San Diego Deliberation Network (SDDN)

The SDDN is a consortium of academic institutions and San Diego community organizations (San Diego State University, California State University San Marcos, Point Loma Nazarene University, University of California San Diego, University of San Diego, San Diego City College, San Diego Foundation Center for Civic Engagement, and the League of Women Voters) whose mission is: To promote civil dialogue and deliberation on issues that impact our community by engaging the San Diego region.

The SDDN is an affiliate of the Kettering Foundation’s Centers for Public Life, whose members participated in Kettering’s year-long training program with other academic institutions across the United States as part of the Kettering Foundation’s 2014-15 Cohort.

The Network is implementing a three-stage approach to accomplish its mission. First, build the capacity of citizens for dialogue and deliberation; second, expand the Network to other organizations; and third, promote interconnections between local government and citizens, becoming the ‘crown jewel’ of civic engagement initiatives within the region.