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    The one thing we are not is guaranteed in the truth of what we do. Indeed, I believe that without that kind of guarantee we would need to begin again, begin again in another space, begin again from a different set of presuppositions to try to ask ourselves what might it be in human identification, in human practice, in the building of human alliances, which without the guarantee, without the certainty of religion or science or anthropology or genetics or biology or the appearance of your eyes, without any guarantees at all, might enable us to conduct an ethically responsible human discourse and practice about [difference] in our society. -Stuart Hall

    The CID serves as a catalyst for a critical, thoughtful, and productive approach to human difference on our campus.  The Without Guarantees speaker series aims to invite engaging and innovative scholars and thinkers to USD, provoking the community as a whole, and the inviting department, office, or program in particular, to rethink how we understand and operate within difference.

This series is intended to feature lecturers who operate at the productive edges of their discipline or profession, leading new critical dialogues for imagining a more just and equitable world where difference can be confronted, rather than assumed or ignored.

Total CID funds for each proposal are $500. These funds are not intended to cover hall rental or food/drink.  All speakers must present on the USD campus.  If necessary, funding from other sources may be secured.  Proposals are encouraged to seek out new voices whose work forges new directions.

Spring 2014: CID will fund a limited number of speakers on an ongoing basis for Spring 2014, and evaluate proposals based on relevance to the CID purpose and goals, innovative potential, and urgency regarding the need for cultivation of questions of difference in a discipline or program. Departments and programs that have not previously received CID funds are especially encouraged to submit a proposal.  CID encourages departmental deliberation about invited speakers.

One-page Proposals should include:

  • Brief biography of the speaker
  • Rationale describing how this speaker fits the purpose and mission of the CID and the needs of the requesting department/program
  • Name of the proposal author and signed approval from the department Chair or supervisor

Submit proposals with the subject line “Without Guarantees Series” to


CID Supplemental Travel Grant Application

No longer accepting requests at this time.

The Center for Inclusion and Diversity will award a limited number of grants up to the amount of $500 to support student international and domestic travel. We welcome and encourage applications from USD students from all disciplines who are Pell Grant eligible.