University of San Diego Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

The University of San Diego Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence originates from the dual foundations of our Catholic identity, mission and values as well as the grounding efforts of the past two decades moving us toward building a more diverse and inclusive community. The plan collects and assesses efforts across the institution in the spirit of subsidiarity and shared responsibility, as well as provides a platform to innovate, meeting current and future challenges and opportunities by informing university strategic planning.

Diversity means difference, understood as an historically and socially constructed set of value assumptions about what/who matters that figures essentially in power dynamics from the local to the global. Some differences have been made to matter more than others. As a Catholic University, we seek to justly represent the breadth and beauty of God’s creation in our own community, embracing the values of both pluralism and equity.

We conceptualize difference as a manifestation of culture, especially in the context of the Catholic intellectual tradition and discuss the advantages of a learning community enriched by difference. The Six Terrains establish vision and goals that operate at the institution, division, area, and department levels and offer a sustaining infrastructure that reflects our value that the responsibility of inclusive excellence lies with each member of our community.

Download the Six Terrains plan.

Strategic Plan for Diversity