The Center for Inclusion and Diversity (CID) cultivates shared vision, coherence, and coordination of diversity and inclusion efforts across campus. The University of San Diego holds deep commitment to developing and sustaining a diverse campus community in the broadest sense, including differences in gender, race, ethnicity, generational history, culture, socioeconomic class, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship status, political perspectives, geographic origin, and physical ability.

As a coordinating center, the CID advocates, facilitates, and assesses the work of established programs, departments, and offices to affirm that the campus lives out its commitment to diversity and inclusion. As a generative center, CID serves as a place where issues surrounding inclusion and diversity can be conceptualized, explored, nurtured, cultivated, shared, and promoted. Through collaborative relationships, the CID helps ensure that the university is a stimulating, welcoming, and engaging place for all faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

The CID generates innovative, outcome-oriented, and community-based ideas about how to build and sustain a diverse campus community that results in a lived and felt experience of institutional inclusion. The CID engages with curricular and co-curricular efforts to problematize how difference and unity operate in the larger world through scholarship, service, and advocacy.


The Center for Inclusion and Diversity is committed to advancing difference and mutuality at the University of San Diego in the broadest sense by providing the catalyst, support, collaboration, and accountability necessary to recruit, retain, and develop a diverse and inclusive university community.


The goals of the Center are to enhance learning, create dialogue, seek resources, provide support, enhance recruitment, improve retention and facilitate development in the area of inclusion and diversity. The CID endeavors to be a stimulating, welcoming, and engaging place for all members of our campus community.


The CID seeks to create an inclusive university where difference, which is evident in humanity, is justly represented, respected, and recognized, and where cultural capital is provided to counteract the historical and contemporary barriers that limit our collective possibilities. We hold the conviction that critically exploring differences and our commonalities, while building an inclusive environment, will create a even more of a community where God is seen in all people and in all things and where all human beings deserve respect and love.