Center for Inclusion and Diversity

The Center for Inclusion and Diversity (CID) at the University of San Diego serves the campus by coordinating, advocating, and assessing diversity and inclusion efforts across the institution.

As a community of inquiry, the CID cultivates questions of difference and mutuality across curricular and co-curricular contexts. The University of San Diego holds deep commitment to developing and sustaining a diverse campus community in the broadest sense, including differences in gender, race, ethnicity, generational history, culture, socioeconomic class, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship status, political perspectives, geographic origin, and physical ability.

From The Associate Provost

Day of Indigenous Resistance 2016

10 October 2016

Today is a good day to reflect on the ongoing resistance to colonization by Native people in the Western Hemisphere and the legacy of the tragic violence that accompanied conquest and continues to harm all of us. However, every day is a good day to join in struggle for Native sovereignty. The most accessible way is to take responsibility and learn about the breadth of the Native experience in the past and present through books, articles, films, and social documents produced by Native people. For students, ask your faculty to include such materials as content in courses, or as a set of considerations in research or in mentoring. You can also attend a panel this Wednesday at 4 - 5:30pm in UC Forum B titled "Indigenous Day of Resistance: (De) colonizing Universal Thought."

Our Office of Tribal Liaison here in the CID, led by Perse Lewis, brings the resources of the Native community in San Diego County together with the resources of the university. This is essential work as we reflect and recommit to expanding access and the transgressive process of inclusion and justice in partnering with communities.

Institutional diversity, inclusion, and social justice work does need to have focal points like our offices, where efforts can be pushed and held accountable. But it needs to happen every day, in every office across the university - which requires students, staff, and faculty to take responsibility and always-already be joining in a critical engagement with difference and power dynamics through which difference operates.

-Esteban del Rio, Ph.D.

08 July 2016

The extrajudicial killings of Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, MN and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, LA and a sniper attack targeting Dallas police officers, killing five officers and wounding 7 others and 2 civilians, mark a tragic week in the United States. The evolving stories of Castile and Sterling have sparked international media coverage and amplify the call that black lives matter in the context of a cascade of videotaped killings over the last several years and a larger history of institutional violence used against black people in the U.S. The attack on Dallas police last night and the deaths of still unnamed officers, demonstrate how violence can be contagious, working against justice. 

As a Catholic community, we are called to seek out the marginalized, as Pope Francis urges, by "rolling up our sleeves and not standing by and watching passively the suffering of the world." As a university, we must continue to deepen understanding of the experiences and intersectionality of marginalized groups through our courses, conversations, and dialogues. We must continue to build empathy and pathways to justice through community engagement, research, and partnerships. We must renew our ongoing commitment to justly represent the beauty and breadth of God's creation in our own campus community, and to always transform ourselves to facilitate the hopes of increasingly diverse groups of students, faculty, and staff. We must continue to recognize that complex problems require an “integral ecology” defined by love.

Hope and justice go hand in hand. In this summer of so much sorrow, let us "roll up our sleeves" and find ways to grow hope and justice.

-Esteban del Rio, Ph.D

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