Mission, Goals and Vision


The Center for Inclusion and Diversity is committed to advancing pluralism, equity, and mutuality at the University of San Diego in the broadest sense by providing the catalyst, collaboration, and accountability necessary to cultivate and sustain a diverse and inclusive university community.


The goals of the Center are to enhance student learning, create a campus culture where diversity and inclusive excellence are habits in all operations and interactions, and grow innovative practices to address the ever-shifting politics and poetics of difference. The CID endeavors to be a stimulating, welcoming, and engaging place for all members of our campus community.


The CID seeks to create an inclusive university where difference, which is evident in humanity, is justly represented, respected, and recognized, and where cultural capital is provided to counteract the historical and contemporary barriers that limit our collective possibilities.  We hold the conviction that critically exploring differences and our commonalities, while building an inclusive environment, will create a even more of a community where God is seen in all people and in all things and where all human beings deserve respect and love.